Messenger Lagging on Nexus 5

Google Messenger Lagging on Nexus 5 is not something new for Nexus users. Like a year before an iteration of Google Messenger was released which made this messenger laggy and slow. It was fixed with an update. For the past couple of week my friend is facing serious lag on Messenger while texting on Nexus 5. Like sending and receiving texts isn’t that quick as it should be. Even the messages sometimes get shuffled up the latest messages are displayed before the old messages. There are number of issues with Google Messenger on Nexus 5. In the below post I will cover all possible fixes of Messenger lagging on Nexus 5.

Fix Messenger Lagging on Nexus 5

It took me a while to figure out a working fix for Messenger lagging on Nexus 5. But In the end, I was successful. Nexus 5 is one of the most adored android smartphone of its time. It came with pure Android experience with good hardware. It was famous among the power users and it was cheap as compared to the same specs phones of that age. Almost every guy who understood and loved Android had Nexus 5 with him. My friend is using Nexus 5 from two years. Now sometimes she faces some issues with it, but she is quite contented with her Nexus 5.

Lagging Messenger on Nexus 5

For past few weeks she was complaining how she isn’t getting all the texts on time and how it is taking forever for the messages to get delivered.

  • Before moving forward. Know that performing a factory reset is perfect solution for this problem. It will fix the issue and your Nexus 5 will be fast as new. So if you are willing to perform factory reset. Do it. Your phone will be good as new. But my friend didn’t want a factory reset. She didn’t want to lose her data or back up all of it again.
  • Now I am assuming, like my friend you are not willing to factory reset your phone. So the next step is clearing cache. Clear cache of Google Messenger App. For this goto Settings -> Apps -> Select Messenger -> Clear Cache. This is a temporary solution. It might start to lag again.
  • Best thing to do is to clear cache of whole system and each app. See this guide on how to Clear cache of Nexus 5.
  • I noticed that all this lag is because of storage of the phone being almost full. Delete the unused applications and useless screenshot, videos and pictures from your phone. Free space is very important for the phone to work properly.The operating system requires not only the RAM but also quick access to internal storage of your phone. Make sure you have at least 1 GB free on your phone.

Alternatives for Google Messenger on Nexus 5:

  • Clearing cache and freeing up space will most probably solve the problem of messenger lagging on Nexus 5. But if the messenger is still not working properly and it is still lagging, then maybe it is time for you to change the stock messenger app for texts and move on to some other app.
  • There are number of great apps for messaging and texting on android phone like Hangouts. But the app that I will recommend you is Textra. It’s one of the best alternate for default messaging application on Android phone. It has beautiful interface and it is an award winning super fast texting app.
  • You can also replace Google Messenger as default app from this list of best messenger apps that are replacement of  google messenger.

If you have any problem regarding how to fix messenger lagging on Nexus 5 then let me know in the comments. You can also give us feedback in the comments. Do let us know if this guide works out for you and it fixes lagging google messenger on your Nexus 5. Also, if you know some other solution of this problem. Do share with us.