Make GIF on Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the best phone of 2016. It is loved and adored by many. It has magnificent design and the looks makes it one of the most stylish phone ever seen. Galaxy S7 is running on latest operating system Android Nougat. Even after the release of Galaxy S8, users are quite contented with S7 and dont want to upgrade. It has amazing camera, which gives out beautiful pictures and you can even make GIF on Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy has magnificent super AMOLED 5.1″ display screen. On the backside of phone there is corning gorilla glass 5 panel and the sides are made up of Aluminum. It’s running on Samsung Exynos 8 octa along with 4 GB of RAM. Internal storage capacity is of 32 GB. Apart from that it also has external card slot which supports card upto 200 GB of space. It has 12 megapixel back camera and the battery is of 3000 mAh. Now enough of the praise of this beauty lets move on to our guide on how to make GIF on Samsung Galaxy S7.

Make GIF on Samsung Galaxy S7:

There is a feature in Samsung Galaxy S7 named as Animate. It is present in the galley, most of you might have noticed it. Using this feature you can compile number of pictures in a sequence and create a GIF. Once you have made a GIF using a video or number of pictures you can upload it on different social media networks or you can even send it via email or message.

You can create a GIF from the gallery of S7 Edge. Following the steps below to create GIF on Samsung Galaxy S7:

  • FIrst of all go to Gallery on your S7.
  • Now open any Album.
  • Tap on More.
  • Select Animate.
  • Select the pictures you want to compile and make a GIF.
  • Tap on Animate option on actionbar.
  • Now select the playing speed of GIF.
  • Select Save.

Now your GIF will be present in the gallery. You can find it using File manager in the DCIM folder.

You need to have Android Marshmallow or Nougat on your Galaxy S7 in order to make use of this feature. making a GIF is really a great feature. Instead of uploading number of pictures of same event or trip. You can just compile the best ones make GIF on Samsung Galaxy S7. And share it with your friends and family on social networks. It saves you from uploading dozens of pictures of same trip. It is also a good way to keep memories in one place. Often it is troublesome to have so many pictures of same event in your gallery but you are reluctant to delete them. It is better that you make a GIF out of them and save it in your phone or PC.

There are also number of apps on the google play store which allows you to create GIFS. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • GIF Camera.
  • Video to GIF.
  • GIF creator.
  • GIF maker.


That’s all on how to make GIF on Samsung Galaxy S7. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to ask me in the comments. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. You can also write to us, if you want to make a request solve some issue on your phone.

  • Philippa

    Is it possible to share a gif i have created on my s7?? Cheers

  • Jessica Wilshusen

    How do you make a gif from a four second video? Not a sequence of pictures but a video clip_m

  • Debbie Randle

    When you push animated in gallery what happens to your photos on your Galaxy S7