S5 Broken Screen

Its been sometime since the release of Samsung Galaxy S5, Many people are using it, Although its waterproof but it doesnot makes it unbreakable,Accidents never ask before coming,And if something bad is supposed to happen with your phone you cant stop it, Screen of smartphone is very vulnerable to drops and once its broken the first thing thats need to be sorted out is how you are going to retrieve your data before you can claim the insurance of buy a new Smartphone.

Before moving on to the trick that will help you recover data from S5 Broken Screen, first make sure you have tried the easy methods like Using USB debugging mode or using KIES, but if you have screen pattern lock or security code and your phone booted after it fell and broke up, then you might not be able to access the data using a USB cable unless you unlock the screen first.

If you are looking for a way to unlock your S5 broken screen in order to access your data, well I am glad that I can help you with it, most easy way to recover data from Galaxy S5 broken screen is via unlocking your phone using Samsung Account Services, first of all you need to check if you have registered Samsung account, If you are registered then you can easily recover data including contacts etc after unlocking your screen.

Tip: You should always make a backup of your phone on your MAC or PC, It will help you to get your data back if you have lost your phone or its broken.

How To Recover Data From Galaxy S5 Broken Screen

Moving on to the method to recover data from Galaxy S5 Broken Screen, by following the below steps you will be able to remotely unlock your S5 Broken Screen using Samsung Account.

Note: You must have a Samsung Account on your S5; If you want this service to work.It is same service like Apple’s Find my iPhone. If you don’t have Samsung account, try this guide.

  1. First of all you have to login from your Samsung account credentials on Samsung’s Find my Mobile service.
  2. S6 broken ScreenOnce you have logged in, you will see all the actions you can remotely perform on your S5 Broken Screen.
  3. You will see an option “Remotely unlock my phone or Unlock screen remotely”.
  4. Unlock your phone using it.
  5. Now connect your S5 to your MAC or PC, you will see new drive in My Computer of your PC, where all the data of your phone will be visible.
  6. Recover the data and all the content using standard copy paste.

That is it, I hope this method works out for you guys, If you have any issue regarding anything in this guide, let me know in the comments. If it works for you and you get back your data, feedback would really cheer me up.

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