Moto G

Motorola Releases New Moto G – Specs & Price

Moto G had already been a great success in the previous year. This year, the customers can expect nothing less from Motorola once again. If you’re a fan and looking for an android device that would not ruin your budget, Motorola’s new 3rd generation device Moto G is the device to purchase.

Moto G

This years Moto G is going to be a big treat for the customers as Motorola has decided to tweak up the flagship and introduce some new features into the Moto G series. These features include the LTE, Water Protection and, for the very first time in the Moto G series, a Moto Maker.

The first major improvement in the Moto G series is the introduction of the LTE, which means that the customers will no longer be left out of their carriers high speed internet connectivity. Apart from this, the second major feature to be introduced is the IPX7 Water Resistance. The IPX7 Water Resistance allows this cellular device to be kept in under 3 ft. of water for over 30 minutes, promising you that the device shall survive. This doesn’t mean that you intentionally have to do this every now and then, unless it is for testing purposes but if you ever unintentionally get caught up in such a situation, you can rest assure that your new Moto G will survive. Moto X and the Moto 360 were previously the only cellular devices to have the Moto Maker included. This time, Motorola has decided to give Moto G the abilities of a Moto Maker. Moto Maker allows the users of the Moto G to choose the color, the memory and many other customizable features which the Moto G has in store for its customers.


Finally, coming towards the specifications and the price for this device. It is as the customers would expect; a complete package at a very reasonable price.

Device Motorola Moto G
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 420 Processor
Ram 1GB or 2GB (User’s Choice)
Storage 8GB or 16GB (User’s Choice)
Display 5″ 720P HD Display
Camera 13MP
Price $179.99/Pkr. 18,350