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Sometimes if your Nexus 6P starts lagging and it is not responding as it is supposed to respond. Nexus 6P is taking a lot of time to perform simple tasks. It might be the cache that is causing this problem. Getting rid of cache might be the best solution to this lagging and crashing of apps. Let us move forward to how to clear cache of Nexus 6P. Remember clearing cache of phone doesnot wipes any data present in your phone. It just gets rid of the temporary files, that might be causing any problem.

Cache is a memory store where your most commonly used apps data is stored, so that it can be accessed quickly when needed. Like if you are browsing a website, and you click on the back button, the browser will have cache stored of the last page and instead of downloading the last page again from the server it will import that page from the cache. There are times when the cache storage gets messed up, sometimes there is so much data stored in it, that the smartphones starts lagging. So its good to get rid of cache once in a while.

How to Clear Cache of Nexus 6P

Cache can sometimes cause the apps to crash, or you phone starts responding time start delaying, and the battery starts to drain quickly. These are some problems cause by corrupted cache, best solution is to clear cache of nexus 6p.

Tip: You can also clear cache of individual apps by going to Setting>App Manager > Selecting App > Clear Cache.

How to Clear Cache of Nexus 6P

Know that clearing cache wont have any impact on your data, it wont be lost. There is no disadvantage of clearing cache. Know that if you are facing some lag after installing a new app then it might be that new app not the cache that is causing that problem.

Now lets move on how to clear cache of Nexus 6P:

  • First of all turn off your Nexus 6P
  • Press power and volume down button, keep them held and after some seconds you will see boot screen, FASTBOOT MODE will be written on the top of the screen.
  • Now press volume down button until you get to recovery menu,  press the power button to select recovery menu.
  • Your Nexus 6P will reboot again.
  • Now press and hold power button and volume up button to get into recovery menu.
  • Once you get into recovery menu, navigate to Wipe Cache Partition.
  • Use power button to select the option.

Clear Cache of Nexus 6P

It will take few seconds and all cache will be wiped out. that’s all if you had any issue while trying to clear cache of Nexus 6P, let us know in the comments, we will get back to you. Also tell us about how it felt to use Nexus 6P after clearing the cache, better than before?

If clearing the cache of Nexus 6P did not fix the problem for you. Get back to us using the comments. We will help you out in figuring out solution of your problem.