Although the Galaxy S7 provides its users with a bigger and better battery pack of 3000 mAh than it predecessor Galaxy S6 with 2550 mAh , but users still have to struggle to save battery and get more out of their device. To get to know How to fix Galaxy S7 battery life problem just follow this guide to save battery power intelligently.

Users want their device to do more on their device and also do it for a very long time, but this is against all odds if you don’t want to keep charging your device every now and then.

Besides the big battery, if u still find your galaxy S7 to run out of juice sooner than you expect, here are a few tips and tricks to help you save battery life and get more time with your device without running to a power outlet

to charge.

How to fix Galaxy S7 battery life problem:

1.Watch Active Apps

fix Galaxy S7 battery life problem

If you have a lot of apps installed on your device and the battery is draining fast, you can go into the phone’s settings and diagnose the problem.

  • Go to Phone Settings.
  • Tap Battery and then Battery Usage.

Here you will find a list of apps that are using up the device battery. Frequently used apps will show up indicating the percentage usage of the specific app, impacting the battery life.

On this screen if you find any apps that have an impact on the battery without your consent, try turning off the background usage of those apps but if you still find an app consistently draining the battery, consider uninstalling it.

2. Check ‘Power Saving’ Settings

fix Galaxy S7 battery life problem

After you have identified and removed power hungry apps, there other apps that are still taking up the background usage of your phone.

To handle this you can head over to App Power Saving settings

  • Go to phone settings
  • Tap Battery and then App Power Saving

When App power saving is turned on, your device will monitor apps that haven’t been used in up to 5 or more days and restrict them from running in the background.

You can also set specific least used apps to always save power.

3. Uninstall Unused Apps

If you bought your phone with carrier, it must have a lot of pre-loaded apps installed. These apps could be using up your battery running in the background.

So its just better to uninstall these pre-installed apps, To do this

  • Go to phone settings
  • Tap Application and then Application manager
  • Tap More and then show system apps (To find all applications installed)

Go ahead and either uninstall or disable the unnecessary bloatware.

4. Turn Off unused Wireless Communication

Whenever your phone is idle or you don’t plan on using Bluetooth or WiFi for some time, turn them off to save some battery power.

You can quickly toggle them in the notification shade, just tap the icons to quickly turn them on or off.

Turning off network notification can help save a little extra power

  • Go to Wifi settings
  • Tap More and then Advanced
  • Turn off Network Notification (as well as any auto join hotspot settings)

5. Use Power Saving Mode

Galaxy S7 has amazing built in power saving options, that work pretty good. Power saving mode  &  Ultra Power saving mode  both of which are pre-configured according to your batteries power levels.

  • Using power saving mode will limit the phone’s performance like, turn off vibration, restrict location services for better battery savings. (Just toggle it on from the notification shade)

While the Ultra power saving mode switches your phone performance to minimum levels, this option should only be used when you want your phone alive for as long as possible in critical battery levels.

That’s it. We hope this guide on how to fix Galaxy S7 battery life problem works out for you. If you have any query regarding How to fix Galaxy S7 battery life problem. Let us know in the comments.


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