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iPhones are most definitely among the superior smartphones. They excel in many categories. For example, they possess a super high definition camera as well as a super-sharp display. However, iPhones are notorious for their batteries. According to reports, iPhone batteries drain much faster than any other smartphone battery. This may be due to low battery health. In this article, I will be telling you how to prevent low battery health in iPhones.

It is perfectly normal for the battery health to decrease over time. These helpful tips can tremendously slow this process down. In itself, battery health depends entirely on the user of the iPhone. Those who tend to use their phones a lot face the problem of low battery health.

Tips to Prevent Low Battery Health in iPhones and Elongate its life:

Although, lives health of Lithium-Ion batteries deteriorate with time, there are some hack and tips which can ensure you can make the most of it while you have it. In this article, we will talk about the tips that can ensure your iPhone battery lasts longer and has a long life with optimum health.

1-Optimal Charge

Some of you may think that the best way to keep your battery health high is to always charge the phone at 100% battery. In reality, this theory is incorrect, and 100% may not always be good for your battery. Neither is 0%, which means that you may avoid overcharging your iPhone or letting the battery die out. The optimal charge for your phone would be about 50%, with the lows being 20-30% and the highs being 0-90%.

2-Low Brightness/Dark mode

Your battery health decreases when your battery is used under stressful conditions. Your screen is by far the leading stress creator for your battery as it is powered by it. A brighter screen would use more energy, and therefore it would bear stress on the battery. To avoid this, you can lower your iPhone brightness. Moreover, if your iPhone possesses an Oled Display, you can turn on Dark mode and change your wallpaper to darker (solid black may work best). This is because black pixels in an OLED display are entirely turned off, meaning that the battery does not have to power it. In iPhone Dark mode, most of the UI turns darker, and some even turn completely black. This will help your battery to last longer.

3-Location and background usage

Your iPhone battery may be used without you even knowing. Some apps have features where they can work even when they are closed. An example of this would be WhatsApp as (if enabled), WhatsApp may use your location in the background without you even opening the app.

To turn the location off in most apps, you may:

  • Open your Settings app.
  • Navigate/Scroll Down till you find the app.
  • Click the “Location” tab.
  • Here you can choose whether the app will use your location while using the app or always.
  • Choose “While using the app.”

4-Turn off extra Services and Apps

Most people tend to use their phones with almost all of their features enabled, these include Bluetooth, Wifi, and Data. If these services are not being used and are still turned On, they will drain your battery. To prevent this you should always turn off these settings when they are not in use. This may also be in the case of Apps as most people forget that they have apps running in their background that can possibly use your battery.

These were the 4 Tips/Solutions on how to prevent low battery health in iPhones. If you find these useful, consider following this page and liking the article. If you face any issues, please comment below.

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