Guide to recover data from Google Pixel 6 with a broken screen

The Advent of Google Smartphone series started with collaborations with other companies for hardware manufacturing, while the software and flagship remained under the Google name. The initial release was the Google Pixel, followed by the Google Pixel 2. Currently, anticipation surrounds the upcoming flagship release, the Google Pixel 8, expected to launch in the third quarter of this year. In this guide, we will delve into the process to recover data from a broken Pixel 6. It’s worth noting that these methods are also applicable to the Pixel 6a and Pixel 6 Pro.

Numerous applications are available to assist to recover data from a broken Google Pixel 6. However, concerns about third-party software and the security of private data have led many to avoid these options, especially since they often involve paid services with uncertain outcomes.

Guide to Recover Data from Broken Pixel 6:

We will explore various methods to recover data from a broken Google Pixel 6 without relying on third-party software. Before going into the complex methods, let’s briefly consider some simpler approaches that you might have attempted previously.

  • If your phone lacks a passcode or lock screen pattern, connecting it to your PC using a data cable can grant access to all the data stored on the phone.
  • For those who utilise Google Photos, a popular choice among Google Pixel users, accessing images and videos is feasible through the Google Photos website. Just log in using your Google account, and you will see all your pictures.
  • To recover notes and contacts, log in to your Gmail account, and navigate to the Google Keep website. Contacts can be retrieved by navigating to the “Contacts” option, often represented by a square box located at the top right corner of the screen within the Google Apps menu.

The synced nature of Google services ensures that even if your Google Pixel 6 is lost or damaged, data recovery remains viable. This includes recovering Excel sheets from Google Sheets, documents from Google Docs, and synchronized calendar events.

Alternate Methods for Recovering Data from a Broken Google Pixel 6 Without Third-Party Apps:

In cases where the phone screen is unresponsive but the device functions in the background, data retrieval is still possible. If the phone’s motherboard remains functional, data recovery from a broken Google Pixel 6 is a possibility.

  • It’s important to remember that data is continually backed up to Google Drive if the Backup feature is enabled in the phone’s settings.
  • This option can be found in Settings -> System -> Backup. Ensuring that Backup is active and that your Pixel 6 is linked to your Gmail account is crucial.

Recover Data from Broken Pixel 6

  • Accessing data on a locked phone, be it through a password or fingerprint lock, is dependent on the device being unlocked. After a reboot, accessing data, even through the fingerprint scanner, becomes impossible. As rebooting is often the initial step when troubleshooting phone issues, this presents a challenge.
  • One solution involves locating a functioning Pixel 6 screen, temporarily connecting it, unlocking the phone, and transferring the data. Afterwards, the functional screen can be removed, and the phone can be sent for repairs or insurance claims.

An Innovative Approach to Recover Data from Google Pixel 6 with a Broken Display Screen:

Another unconventional technique involves using a converter box equipped with HDMI and USB ports. By connecting a mouse and a monitor to the phone simultaneously, users can navigate through the device’s interface on the monitor while unlocking the phone. This enables data to be transferred to the cloud.

In conclusion, this guide has outlined methods for recovering data from a broken Google Pixel 6 without relying on third-party applications. If you encounter any questions or uncertainties regarding the aforementioned techniques, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. If this guide aids you in recovering data from a broken Google Pixel 6, feel free to share your success, as your feedback is appreciated. I wish you the best of luck in retrieving your valuable data.

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