Change Country on TikTok

Change Country on TikTok to See Content from Around the World

TikTok is one of this era's most famous social media apps. It has over a billion active users, with most of them under the age of 30. An average TikTok user...
Install adb on windows mac and linux

Install ADB on Windows Mac or Linux for Android Phones

ADB (Android Debugging Bridge) and Fastboot are used to perform valuable and critical functions on Android phones via terminal commands. Both tools are super handy in the development of the Android...
Install Android 12 on Google Pixel

Install Android 14 on Google Pixel via ADB and Fastboot

The Google Pixel series is the first Android smartphone to get all the latest updates from Google. Either it is a security update or fully upgraded firmware. Now, we are looking...
Download and install Clubhouse on Android

Download Clubhouse on Android without Invite on Samsung Pixel Huawei

The clubhouse app is getting famous among the masses quickly. It is a social networking app that allows people to make rooms in order to discuss a topic of mutual interest....
Download parler on Android

Download Parler on Android via APK on Samsung, Pixel and OnePlus

Parler is a famous social media app known chiefly in the US. It is an app used mainly by people who believe in freedom of expression. The app is renowned among...
Install GSM on Huawei phone to install Google apps

Install GMS on Huawei with VMOS Virtual Machine

If you've bought one of the new Huawei phones this year, you've probably been through this situation. You decide to install the apps you had on your previous phone to discover...
Install stock firmware on Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra via smart switch or ODIN

Install Stock firmware on Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra

Samsung has finally released the latest iteration of its Galaxy Note series. The new series comes with the fantastic Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. Along with the impressive hardware specs,...
Install Google Apps on Huawei P40

Install Google Apps on Huawei or Honor running on EMUI 10

Huawei emerged as one of the top tech companies, giving the existing tech giants a tough time. Google and Apple. It was not too long before Huawei was tried to be...
Captured on Google Pixel 5

Download Stock Google Pixel 5 Wallpapers

Google has just released the latest iteration of its flagship smartphone. The Google Pixel 5 5G and a low-end phone Google Pixel 4a. Both these smartphones come with top-notch hardware and...
Track and Locate Lost Huawei P40 Pro

Guide to Locate Lost Huawei P40 without 3rd Party Apps

Huawei P40 and its other models P40 Lite and P40 Pro, stand among the best smartphones of 2020. The standout feature or characteristic being the amazing camera and unavailability of Google...

Install Stock Firmware on Galaxy S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra are Samsung's latest flagship smartphones. These phones come with all it takes to be the best smartphone of 2020. The new S-Series collection has...
Install Call of Duty on Huawei

Install Call of Duty on Huawei Chinese Phone P40 Pro

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most famous first-person shooting games. PUBG and COD Mobile are ruling the hearts of people around the world. It is an exciting game....
Install fitbit app on Huawei P40 pro

How to Install Fitbit App on Huawei P40 Pro

Fitbit is a world-famous company known for manufacturing fitness smartwatches. It has around 28 million active users, and the company has sold more than 100 million devices. Recently, we have seen...
locate lost note 20

Track and Locate Lost Galaxy Note 20 Remotely

As you know, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. The first thing you would notice in these new phones is their appearance; they look similar to Note...
Recover data from Stolen Samsung

Recover data from Stolen Samsung Galaxy Phone Remotely

Losing a smartphone can always be pretty hard. It feels like a part of you is missing. Also, when we save all our memories and reminiscence in it in the form...
Samsung Galaxy S10 Stuck at Downloading Android 10

Fix Galaxy S10 stuck at downloading Android 10 (One UI 2)

Samsung is finally releasing the customised and modified version of Android 10 that is called One UI 2 for its Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and Note 10 users. The new operating...
Install stock firmware on Note 9

Install Stock firmware on Note 9 (Complete Guide)

Samsung is renowned worldwide for its exquisite Note series. The famous Note 9 was released in August 2018. The design, features, and specs ruled the heart of many. Nevertheless, all these...
Protect Android Phone from cyber attacks

How to Protect Android Phone from Cyber Attacks

Did you know that smartphones quietly slipped into our mainstream consciousness as early as 1992? Text Request has an infographic about the close to three-decade evolution of the device, going from...
Wipe Cache Partition on Pixel

No Option to Wipe Cache Partition on Pixel? Other ways to Clear Cache

Google has recently removed the "Clear Cache Partition" option from the recovery menu of Android 10 on Pixel phones. Troubleshooting the phone when things went south was considered a beneficial option....
Recover Data from Stolen Pixel

Recover Data from Stolen Pixel Including Pictures, Contacts and Notes

The pixel series of Google stands among the best smartphones of this era. It has everything to stand in the lines of the iPhone, Samsung S & Note Series, and OnePlus...