Features of Android Phone that are not Present in iPhone

Features of Android Phone that are not Present in iPhone

Android vs iOS is said to be biggest rivalry of past decade. Both operating systems have huge number of users worldwide. In smartphone market, every other company has to compete for the third position as first two are reserved from a decade. Users of Android and iOS both are pretty contented with their smartphones. But there is massive number of users who shift among Android and iOS. When they move, mostly people love the new experience but there are some who finds the shift hard. My first smartphone was iOS based, I was really happy from the operating system and phone. But then I had to move to Android, as I started Android application development as a profession. Moving to Android has its pros and cons. I loved the freedom and customization capability but at times It used to stuck me, that my iPhone used to perform this specific function in a better fashion. Well, while using some features of Android phone that are not present in iPhone. I used to be grateful that I moved.

Features of Android Phone that are not Present in iPhone

It has been great year for Android. Mainly, due to the staggering amount of manufacturers and developers who are working each day to make it better. The variety of Android smartphone manufacturers are coming with new and innovative features. Following are some of features which are present in Android devices but they are not present in iOS. If you think I have missed any feature. Fill me in using the comments.

Charging Capabilities:

The new Android phones are coming with fast charging feature that is pretty much fast. Phones like Pixel, Nexus 6P and OnePlus 3T support USB-C fast charging. It can charge your phone charge in around 40 minutes.

Google claims that the Pixel can provide 7 hours of usage with only 15 minutes of charges. It is significantly faster than the iPhone’s lightning connector.

Wireless Charging:

Samsung, Google, LG and even Microsoft makes phones that can charge wirelessly. The iPhone does not have this capability yet. But there are rumours it might appear in this year’s iPhone.

Expandable Storage:

Phones like Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 have SD card slots allowing for external storage. With an iPhone you are stuck with 32GB, 128 GB or 256 GB.

Some Android phones also allow you to use multiple sim cards. Which can come very handy if you frequently travel abroad. Or if you want to combine a work and personal number on the same phone.

Third Party Browsers:

You can not change the iPhone’s default browser like you can on Android. So if you install a third party browser. Every link opened from an Apple app will still open in safari instead of the browser of your choice. That is quite annoying, trust me.

Stock Apps:

Google is primarily a big data company. With hundred of thousands of servers all across the globe. As such – Android softwares like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Drive and Google Chrome. All these apps are able to quickly access the data and process data in ways that Apple just can’t.

While Apple only supplies handful of space for cloud storage and upsizing the storage costs a lot. Google is giving unlimited space for uploading pictures on Google drive.

Headphone Jack:

Headphone jack was gutted from the new iPhone 7 design, meaning you would need to upgrade to new set of wireless earphones. Or use dongle to connect traditional wired headphones. And while the headphones are connected you can’t charge your phone. Like even if you are driving a car and you want to charge your phone and play songs using Aux cable. You can’t do that. There are many limitations and constraints.


Android allows the users to change theme, launcher,  file manager and many more. There is a lot more freedom in Android as compared to iOS. You can change almost anything you dont like. There are huge number of developers who are developing apps and ROMs that might suit your taste. And you can easily get them in your phone.

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If I missed some features of Android that are not present in iPhone feel free to drop a comment. Also do let us know your story if you have moved from iOS to Android or vice versa. And what was your motivation behind the move. Also share if there is anything that is keeping you stuck to either iOS or Android.



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