Track and Locate Lost S20, S20 Ultra or S20 SE Remotely

Locate lost Galaxy S20 Samsung find my mobile

Now that the new series of Samsung flagship series is out. We come to you with another guide that can help you with your Samsung Galaxy Phone. In this guide, we will talk about how to track and locate lost S20, S20+ or S20 SE. These are the smartphones that are recently released by Samsung. These smartphones have what it takes to be the best ones out there in 2020. If you recently got your Galaxy S20 and it is stolen or misplaced. We present you all the methods that can be used to track the location of your phone and display the current location on maps without any third-party app.

All the versions of S20 series have one front camera and different variations of a wide and ultra-wide camera on the rear. The S20 5g has a 10 MP camera on the front and 3 cameras on the back. Whereas, the most high-end smartphone which is S20 Ultra has a 40 MP front camera. On the back, there are four cameras. The main one is of 108 MP, the ultra-wide lens is 12 MP and the telephoto lens is of 48 MP. The battery of Samsung Galaxy S20 5g Is of 4000 mAh, whereas the S20 Ultra 5G has 5000 mAh battery.

There are two official tools that can be used to locate lost Samsung S20 or S20 Ultra remotely. One of them is from Samsung directly and the other one is for Android devices from Google. We will cover both methods.

How to Locate Lost S20 via Samsung Find my Mobile:

The first method involves the Samsung account. We are gonna use Samsung Find my Mobile, it’s a tool that can be used to perform multiple remote actions on Galaxy phones if you have lost access to the phone. It includes multiple actions. For example, you can remotely access the call history of your phone, you can wipe all the data present in your phone, you can make your phone ring at the highest volume. The service also allows you to see the location of your phone on Google maps so you can locate it.

So the first thing that you need is a Samsung account. If you have been using Samsung’s Cloud on your phone. It means you already have a Samsung account. You also need to have “Find my mobile” option enabled in the settings of your phone in order to use this feature. By default, this feature is turned on.

  1. First of all Login to Samsung find my mobile using your email. (If you don’t remember the password or user ID of your Samsung account, you can recover it on find my mobile website)
  2. Once logged in, you will see all the features and options that can be performed on your Galaxy S20 remotely. Along with that, you will see the location of your phone on the screen in google maps. As you can see in the screenshot below.

Moreover, if the method above didn’t help you to locate lost Galaxy S20 because you didn’t have access to your Samsung account or your Find my mobile option was disabled on your phone when you lost it or it was stolen. You can use the method below. Hopefully, it’s going to help you.

Update: Now you can track your stolen phone even if your phone is not connected to the internet via Wifi or Mobile data. The new feature is introduced in the new Galaxy devices. You can follow the guide here.

Track stolen S20 Ultra or locate lost Galaxy S20 or S20 SE using Android Find my Device:

For this method to work, all you need is an Android account. The same account that you used to set up your Google play store. Android find my device allows you to perform a number of actions on your phone remotely. You can perform the following actions on your Galaxy S20 remotely.

  • Ring: You can make your phone ring at the highest volume, even if its on silent. This feature is useful if you left your phone at the office or at home. Now you can not find it. You are certain that the phone is not stolen. It’s just lying around somewhere.
  • Locate: Using this feature, you can see the current location of your phone on Google Maps. If your phone is not connected to the internet. You will see the location where it was online last time.
  • Wipe: If you are certain that your phone is stolen and there’s no way you can have access to it again. In order to save your personal data and information. You can use this feature to permanently wipe the data present in its internal storage.
  • Lock: Using this feature, you can out an extra lock on your phone with a passcode. You can also display a message on the screen of your phone for the person who gets their hands on it.

How to use Android find my device to track a stolen or lost Galaxy S20:

  1. First of all, head on to the website of Android find my device or install its app on any other smartphone with access to the internet.
  2. Now, login to your Google/Android account.
  3. Once logged in, you will see the location of your phone on the screen. Using the directions you can follow and track your phone.
  4. If the phone is turned off, or the location services are disabled and there’s no hope to locate your phone. You can also wipe all the data present on your phone.

I understand how hard it is to lose a smartphone. Especially now, when we have all our pictures, videos, notes, contacts and payments options are stored on our phone. I hope this guide helped you to locate lost Galaxy S20 or S20 Ultra. If you have any questions regarding the process. Feel free to ask in the comments. For urgent cases, you can contact us using the social media platforms or our contact us Email.



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