How to protect PC from power outages, power surge and powercut

protect PC from power outage

The main thing that your Pc needs are a reliable source of power or electricity. If you live in a country or area where power outages are the norm, you need to protect your pc from them as they might harm it. This article will list a few solutions on how to protect PC from power outages and how they might damage your PC.

How a Power outage might damage your PC

Before you know the fixes to the problem, you must understand more clearly how a power surge or power outage can damage your PC—a quick high influx of electricity or a lower electricity supply can damage your computer. Although most power supplies are built to deal with issues such as power surges, they cannot always deal with them. Power surges and power outages can damage your pc in multiple ways:

1 – Loss of Data

Power outages are usually unexpected. However, if you are prone to not usually saving your work, you can lose important data due to a sudden power outage. A quick fix to this problem would be to get into a habit of regularly saving your data.

2 – Corruption of Data

Programs and your PC’s software usually have an ending sequence which occurs when you shut down a pc. Because of a sudden power loss, this process is interrupted. This leads to your software system and apps getting corrupted data, leading to problems such as BSOD or data loss.

3 – Unoptimal performance

Your pc needs a steady and constant supply of electricity. Sometimes it can get a higher or lower supply of it. However, the power supply can deal with most power surges (higher supply). It cannot deal with getting a lower supply of electricity. If not given a steady supply of electricity, your pc will perform optimally and will not work to the maximum of its capacity.

4 – Component Damage

An overload of electricity will fry components in your pc. This will cause them to stop working, and therefore you will need to buy new components. A surge can be a great problem for your motherboard and ram, especially. Surges mostly appear after regaining power after a power outage.

How to protect PC from power outages, power surges, and powercut

1 – Buy a UPS (uninterrupted power supply)

Buying a UPS would be a great way to protect your Pc from a power outage as well as a power surge. A UPS is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency energy in the case of a power outage. It is not similar to a generator as it can supply energy immediately after a power outage. This will give you extra time to shut down your Pc after a blackout. Moreover, most of them also have built-in surge protectors that will absorb high voltage currents. A UPS is great for you if you experience power outages regularly.

2 – Surge protector

A surge protector helps absorb extra voltage that may come after the power outage itself. This, however will not help with the power outage itself. A surge protector will be a useful purchase if you use your Pc right after a power outage for whatever reason

3 – Not using the Pc after a power outage

This is just a quick fix, although this sounds like a very simple thing to do. Many people forget this and often turn their computers on instantly after a power outage. This is harmful for many reasons, firstly, it is harmful because of the power surges mentioned earlier. Secondly, there is sometimes a chance for power to go out again after regaining electricity, so this is also a safety measure.



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