Always on display on Android phone

Always On Display was introduced by Samsung on their latest flagship and LG introduced this feature on their LG G5. Always on displays eliminates the need of a smartwatch or just a normal watch which you have with you always to keep a check on the time. It is very handy feature, you don’t have to always press the button to awaken the phone from sleep in order to check the time. Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 display time on the lock screen forever, so you don’t have to press the button or unlock the screen in order to check time. AMPLED screen don’t consume battery to power the black pixels, so consumption of battery while displaying the time on the lock screen is minimal. Now lets see how to get Always On display on Android phone.Always on display on Android phone

Considering the overwhelming response of Android users, a senior developer on XDA came up with this app that allows you to use this Always on feature of Galaxy S7 on your other Android smartphones. Although this app is recommended for AMOLED display screen as it consumes very few battery, but you can also use this app on LCD or IPS. It might consume more battery on other LCD.

Always On Display on Android Phone

Following are the few great features of this app developed by senior developer at XDA:

  • You can use this app to enable feature of Double tap to wake up device like LG phones.
  • It shows date, time, notifications and battery state and level.
  • If you long press on the date it’ll open calendar app.
    Tap on notification icon to open selected app.
  • Automatic brightness control for Always on from light sensor or you can manually set in settings.
  • The app will pause Always On display if phone is in pocket or proximity sensor is active for more then 30s. (great feature to save battery)
  • You can set time which allow deep sleep Always on display when phone is without motion for more than set time in settings.
  • Ability to disable Always On when you long press back button.
  • It also allows you to select options to set wallpaper and opacity for Always On display.
    You can select from 12/24 hour format.
  • If your phone is  on charging Always on feature will never pause.

Download APK of Always on Display from this drive.

How to Install Always on display on Android phone.

If you dont have a clue on how to install APK file on your Android phone follow the below steps:

  1. First of all download  you will the APK from drive link above.
  2. Now on your phone go to Settings -> Security.
  3. Enable “Download from unknown Sources”.
  4. Now locate the downloaded app in your downloaded files.
  5. Open the APK. It will install within seconds.

Read more about the developer and the versions released by him here.

Thats all from my side, if you have any query or suggestions drop a comment below. Do try this app on your Android phone and write down your feedback in the comments section below. You can also ask us any question regarding how to get always on display on Android phone.


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