Apps for Travelers

When going on a trip, we always start preparing in advance: book tickets, choose a hotel, search for places to go, what attractions to see and so on. Unfortunately, it is impossible to prepare for everything beforehand; unexpected circumstances often can arise. Smart travel apps come to the rescue to lower such chances and feel a bit more confident and accessible in a foreign country during the trip. We have prepared a list of 6 useful apps for travelers to make your vacation more comfortable.

Top Apps for Traveling:

Google Maps

The first and most popular app that comes to mind when thinking about traveling is a map app, notably Google Maps. It is one of the most frequently used apps, which helps navigate to a required destination. In addition, you can set your own route in the app, specify the places you want to visit, and then the app will make a map on its own and give you several options for the trip to choose.

Furthermore, GPS navigation and information about traffic jams are available in the app, which is a big plus for motorists. This app is an absolute must for those who want to travel by car in another country. If you don’t have the opportunity to go on a long journey in your car, you can always use car rental services instead.

Renting a car can become full-fledged entertainment. For example, deciding to rent a Ferrari in Dubai, you could have a fantastic experience of driving a sports car at its maximum speed on the gorgeous motorways of Dubai or rent an SUV and explore the desert landscapes, the choice of the vehicles is enormous, and the main advantage of the car rental service is a low price for which you get total freedom and mobility. Therefore, having Google Maps on your phone is a must, and it tops our list of top apps for travelers.


Packing luggage on a trip, you always remember the essentials like a passport or plane tickets, but it’s easy to forget some valuable things. The PackPoint app will make sure that you don’t forget anything. The app saves you from the trouble of packing by creating an individual list of the essential things you have to take for a vacation. All you need is to enter the destination, dates of the trip, duration of the stay and events you would like to visit. Right after that, the app creates a list of necessary goods so that you definitely won’t forget anything. The app is available for download for free for both android and IOS.


Next on our list of Top apps for travelers is Wise. During any trip, especially a long one, it is necessary to think carefully about finances. Unforeseen things can happen, and you may urgently need to get money from another country. For this reason, we recommend installing the Wise app on your phone. While banks can charge fees for money transfers abroad, the app allows you to make currency transfers in real-time. Thanks to this, you can send money without commission to any country.


Skyscanner is an excellent application with which you can easily find and book hundreds of flights around the world. The app helps you compare the prices of air tickets on more than 1000 sites, offers the most favourable options, and makes it possible to book tickets without a commission. In addition, when registering in the app, you can subscribe to the weekly newsletter and find out about prices and discounts on tickets by email, which helps you to lower travel expenses.


The Expedia app is an intelligent travel assistant, which quickly helps you to find and book hotels in any place in the world. There is also a free cancellation function. Thanks to this service, you can easily find a hotel, tickets for the plane or a car to get to the hotel. There is also an option of booking excursions in foreign countries. Tourists’ reviews for each of the places in the app help to make the right choice focusing not only on the description of the business but also on genuine reviews of people.

Well, that’s it, now you have intelligent assistants for your travel, which will help you during any trip. So, install our list of essential apps for travelers on your smartphone, and feel free to get ready and enjoy the journey.

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