Galaxy Z Flip 4 stuck at Samsung logo

Fix Galaxy Z Flip 4 stuck at Samsung logo in a bootloop

Samsung released the latest iteration of its Galaxy Z Flip series. The new model of Galaxy Z Flip is Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Z Flip 4, which was launched on August 26,...
Guide to locate and track lost Galaxy S21

Guide to Track Lost Galaxy S21 or S21+ Remotely

One of the Galaxy series' most popular flagships is the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra. One of the most fashionable smartphones you will see is this one. Today, we'll...
Locate Lost Galaxy S22

How to Track and Locate Lost Galaxy S22 or S22 Ultra Remotely

Samsung has released the latest iteration of its S Series with Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+. Both smartphones stand out in the market with their looks, features, and specifications. It's a...

Guide to Fix AirPlay unable to connect to Samsung TV

Apple's Airplay allows you to cast or stream content from your iPhone to the big screen, including Samsung TV or any other smart TV that has the ability to connect with...

Install stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung just released its new foldable phone in the series of Samsung Galaxy Z. Folding of a touch screen is a new feature, and it's getting better and better with time....
Note 10 not detected by PC

How to Fix Note 10 not detected by PC on Windows or Mac OS

The Note 10 is one of the most productive and handy phones in the Samsung phone lineup. It sustains a clean and minimalist look because of its sharp edges and bezel-less...
Guide to install stock firmware on Galaxy A52 via ODIN

Install Stock Firmware on Galaxy A52 via ODIN or Smartswitch

Samsung recently released the Galaxy A52. It is one of the middle-tier smartphones of Samsung. Yet, it comes with top-notch specs and the latest Android operating system. Android, known for its...

Track and Locate Galaxy A52 if its Stolen or Lost

Samsung Galaxy A52 is a famous middle-tier phone from Samsung. The masses around the world love it. The reason is fantastic specs, looks, and features with a reasonable price tag. If...
Samsung Galaxy S21 not registered on Network

Fix Samsung Galaxy S21 not Registered on Network Error

Samsung Galaxy S21 is the latest smartphone in the Galaxy S series. The S21 stands as one of the most delicate and bewildering Android phones of 2021. Samsung is known for...
Edge lighting on Galaxy Note and Galaxy S21

Enable Edge lighting on Galaxy Note phones

The Samsung note series of phones is infamously known for being extremely user-friendly. It is the perfect companion phone for people who like to stay well-oriented; because of its handy pen....
Galaxy S10 Not detected by PC

Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Not detected by PC or Macbook

There are times when you need to connect your phone to your PC. May it is for transferring data like pictures or videos, making a backup on a computer via Smartswitch....
Guide to Extend Note 20 Battery time and life

How to Extend Note 20 Battery Time and Life Cycle

Some of the best phones on the market are the infamous Samsung Note 20 and S20. These phones were part of Samsung's latest flagship devices. It is safe to say that...
Fix Wireless fast charging for Samsung Galaxy

How to Fix Car Wireless Fast Charging for Samsung Galaxy Devices

People who spend a lot of time in the car need to keep a phone charging device in the vehicle itself. Mostly, those who commute long to get to their workplace....
Delete Samsung Cloud Data on Galaxy S8

Delete Samsung Cloud Data on Galaxy or Note Series

Cloud storage comes hand in hand with smartphones. It is deemed necessary; it has all the reasons to be. The ability to store all the data, including pictures, videos, notes, messages,...
Moisture Detected on Galaxy S20

Fix Moisture Detected on Galaxy S20 & S21 Ultra Charging Port

Samsung Galaxy S series is known for its build quality. It is very seldom that you encounter a hardware issue on a Galaxy phone. The S series is the flagship carrying...
Fix Random Apps Crash on Samsung

Fix Random Apps Crash on Samsung and other Android Phones

For the last couple of weeks, many Android smartphone users, especially Samsung and Huawei, have faced issues with their phones. The apps would keep crashing with an error "Gmail has Stopped"...
Install stock firmware on Galaxy S21

How to Install Stock Firmware on Galaxy S21 or S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra are the latest smartphones of the Samsung flagship series. Both smartphones come with cutting-edge technology and the latest features. The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is...
Recover Data from Broken Samsung S21

How to Recover Data from broken Samsung S21 or Galaxy S21+ Ultra

Samsung has just launched its latest lineup of phones. These include the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S21-5g and the Samsung S21-5G Ultra, this series of phones replace its predecessors, the Galaxy...
Download Latest ODIN on Windows PC for Samsuu

Download Latest ODIN for Samsung Galaxy S21, Note 20 & S20 Series

ODIN is the official software used to flash firmware, recoveries, and updates on Samsung phones. If you have a Note, S, or Alpha series phone. You can use ODIN to flash...
Locate Lost Offline Samsung Galaxy

Locate Lost Offline Samsung Galaxy Phone without Internet

Samsung offers its smartphone users a service they can use to locate lost phones via an official service called Samsung Find My Mobile. I can understand how hard it can be...