download instagram on chinese phone

Download Instagram on Huawei Phone running on EMUI

Instagram is one of the most renowned social media network. It has around 1 billion active individuals from throughout the world. It's a platform to share pictures and also video clips...
Guide to Extend Note 20 Battery time and life

How to Extend Note 20 Battery Time and Life Cycle

Some of the best phones on the market are the infamous Samsung Note 20 and S20. These phones were part of Samsung's latest flagship devices. It is safe to say that...
Fix Wireless fast charging for Samsung Galaxy

How to Fix Car Wireless Fast Charging for Samsung Galaxy Devices

People who spend a lot of time in the car need to keep a phone charging device in the car itself. Mostly, those who commute long to get to their workplace....
Spotify on Apple Watch

How to use Spotify on Apple Watch

For some people, music is a necessity. And for that music, we use Spotify as it the best app for listening to music. Today I will be telling you; how to...
Moisture Detected on Galaxy S20

Fix Moisture Detected on Galaxy S20 & S21 Ultra Charging Port

Samsung Galaxy S series is known for its build quality. It is very seldom that you might come across a hardware issue on a Galaxy phone. The S series is the...
Play and Download Android Games on PC

How to Download Android Games on PC Using Blue Stacks

Smartphone games may be ways away from being at the level of PC and Console Gaming. However, they have improved, and a slew of excellent games are released every year. These...
Fix Random Apps Crash on Samsung

Fix Random Apps Crash on Samsung and other Android Phones

For the last couple of weeks, many Android smartphone users, especially Samsung and Huawei, have been facing some issues with their phones. The apps would keep on crashing with an error...
Speed Up PC to play games

Speed Up PC to Play Games without Lag on Windows 10

We have all owned a Computer from time to time. Whether that being a 10-year-old computer you have owned since the early 2000s. Or One you just bought 10 days ago....
record calls on note 10

How to Record Calls on Note 10 without 3rd Party App

The Samsung Galaxy Note series is infamously known for all the features that Samsung crams into these devices. Notes are one of the handiest phones you can have in any situations...
Remotely Connect to a Windows Computer

How to Remotely Connect to a Windows Computer

I'm sure that we all have that one friend who has no idea how to run a pc, and that's ok because you are there to help them along the way....
Download Play Store and Install Google Apps on Huawei

Download Play Store and Install Google Apps on Huawei with GSpace

Google Apps and Huawei phones have always had complicated love story. Although, the Huawei phone come with all it takes to be the best in the world. Recently, there were sanctions...
Use Phone as Webcam

Use Phone as Webcam; Guide for Android and iPhone

If you are into video game streaming and just want to show your face to your viewers or maybe to a live audience, a webcam is necessary. Since the Pandemic, a...
Install stock firmware on Galaxy S21

How to Install Stock Firmware on Galaxy S21 or S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra are the latest smartphones of the Samsung flagship series. Both smartphones come with cutting-edge technology and the latest features. The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is...
Locate Lost iPhone 12

How to Track and Locate Lost iPhone 12 Pro Remotely

iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are the latest smartphones of the Apple smartphone series. All the smartphones come with cutting edge hardware and iOS 14.2 to...
locate lost pixel 5

How to Locate Lost Pixel 5 if its Stolen or Misplaced

The Google Pixel series incorporates the latest and greatest technology from Google. If you, unfortunately, manage to lose your device then you can use this method to locate lost Pixel 5....
Install adb on windows mac and linux

Install ADB on Windows Mac or Linux for Android Phones

ADB (Android Debugging Bridge) and Fastboot are used to perform useful and critical functions on Android phone via terminal commands. Both tools are super handy in the development of the Android...
Install GSM on Huawei phone to install Google apps

Install GMS on Huawei with VMOS Virtual Machine

If you've bought one of the new Huawei phones this year, you've probably been through this situation. You decide to install the apps that you had on your previous phone, just...
Locate Lost Offline Samsung Galaxy

Locate Lost Offline Samsung Galaxy Phone without Internet

Samsung offers its smartphone users a service that can be used to locate lost phones via an official service called Samsung Find My Mobile. I can understand how hard it can...
Retrieve data and pictures from broken S20+

Recover Data from Broken S20 or S20 SE without 3rd Party App

Samsung has finally released the latest iteration of its flagship series. The new smartphones are named as Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 FE and S20 Ultra. These phones stand as the...
Install stock firmware on Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra via smart switch or ODIN

Install Stock firmware on Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra

Samsung has finally released the latest iteration of its Galaxy Note series. The new series comes with the amazing Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. Along with the amazing hardware specs,...