revert to old Instagram interface

How to revert to old Instagram Interface back to scrolling

Instagram has introduced a new interface for its users in some countries around the world, namely the US and some parts of Europe. However, the users don't seem to be pretty...
Play Apex Legends on WIndows PC

How to play Apex Legends Mobile on PC

Apex legends is equally famous on all platforms, whether gaming consoles, PCs, or Mobile phones. Just recently, Apex Legends Mobile was released on Android and iOS platforms. Now the gamers can...
How Video Content Can Help In Social Media Marketing

How Video Content Can Help In Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing agencies that are not actively using video content are not setting up their clients for success. Almost 245 million video content viewers are actively consuming content across platforms in...
Get Call History of a Number

How to Get Call History of a Number on iPhone?

Have you ever wanted to see iPhone call log history of someone else’s device? For some reason or the other, we all wished we could check someone else’s call history. If you...
Computer turning off under load

Computer turns off unexpectedly? Here is how to fix it

Whether it is gaming, streaming movies, or working, a computer is your go-to device. However, many people like to multitask; they want to operate multiple applications at once for convenience. It...

How to Change iTunes Backup Location to Another Drive

iTunes is the official tool by Apple to Backup, Manage or Restore data of iOS devices on your computer. If you are running low on space on your iPhone and can't...
Switch to Mobile data on Weak WiFi

Disable Automatic Switch to Mobile data on Weak WiFi on Pixel

You might have noticed this new feature in Google Pixel devices which switch to mobile data on weak WiFi signals, or the WiFi connection is slow. In this guide, we will...

Fix iPhone Black Screen issue with Joyoshare UltFix

Although iOS, the operating system of Apple devices, is efficient, sometimes you might come across some problems. A few common issues are: iPhone stuck at the white Apple logo, iPhone keeps...

Guide to Fix AirPlay unable to connect to Samsung TV

Apple's Airplay allows you to cast or stream content from your iPhone to the big screen, including Samsung TV or any other smart TV that has the ability to connect with...
Whatsapp Stuck on Restoring Media

Whatsapp Stuck on Restoring Media on Google Pixel

If you are moving to a new number or a new phone, you might want to migrate your data to the new phone. The process is quite simple; you back up...
How to dix google pixel 6 stcuck on security update

Fix Pixel 6 stuck on installing security update: Optimizing your device

The Pixel and Pixel 6 Pro are the latest smartphones from Google. The new Pixel devices not only feature Google's own operating system, which is Android; they also come with Google's...

Fix Google Pixel 6 Stuck in Bootloop after Update

The new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro stand out from all other phones of 2021 when it comes to looks and performance. However, the new phone coming with a new...
Secure broswisng from theft

How to Secure Your Browsing from Theft

With the ongoing pandemic, internet dependency has taken a new leap in the present times. With this increased internet usage, hackers have a great opportunity to leverage this situation to their...

Fix Battery Drain on Pixel 6 Pro

The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are the latest iteration of the Pixel series. Google started with supporting smartphones that other companies manufactured, moved on to developing their own...
Coding Homework Assignments

Guide on How to do Coding Homework Assignments

How to consolidate the knowledge that you receive in the class? You need to practice. This means that homework is indispensable. We will share with you a small guide on how...
Fix Network Signal Loss Issue on Pixel 6

Fix Network Signal Loss Issue on Pixel 6

With the December update, many Pixel 6 users have been complaining about network issues on their phones. The issue is the unavailability of network services inside the building or abysmal network...
Apple CarPlay does not connect to iPhone

Apple CarPlay does not connect to iPhone after updating to iOS 15?

Apple CarPlay is the new digital Driver Assistant that allows you to carry out numerous useful features via your car's media tool. Apple CarPlay, when combined with the digital keys of...
top tips to start a student website

Top Tips to Start a Student Website

Creating a website nowadays is easier than it used to be before. Neither do you need a bunch of code, nor do you need to hire a pricey developer. Instead, with...

Install stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung just released its new foldable phone in the series of Samsung Galaxy Z. Folding of a touch screen is a new feature, and it's getting better and better with time....
Unable to cast YouTube Vanced

Unable to Cast YouTube Vanced on TV? Here is the Fix

YouTube Vanced is an Ad-free version of YouTube which allows users to play the videos in the background and enable picture-in-picture mode while playing youtube on their Android phones. It works...