Wipe Cache Partition on Pixel

Google has recently removed the “Clear Cache Partition” option from the recovery menu of Android 10 on Pixel phones. It was considered a beneficial option to troubleshoot the phone when things went south. The developers at Google didn’t consider it a good enough option to keep it in the recovery menu. With the release of Android 10, clearing of cache from the recovery menu was removed. In this guide, we will talk about how to wipe cache partition on Pixel of individual apps instead of removing it all at once.

Wipe Cache Partition on Pixel without recovery menu:

Since you can no longer clear cache from the recovery menu, you will have to individually remove the cache of apps. All you have to do is to figure out which app is causing the problem in the whole system and clear its cache.

Remember that clearing cache of individual apps won’t delete any data present on your phone. It will only clear the cache of apps. The cache is created so that your phone doesn’t have to load the data from the server it can locally access the data so the app works faster. Sometimes the cache goes rogue and the app starts acting weirdly. We have to remove the cache so the apps start working properly.

Clearing the cache of the apps once in a while is good for the overall health of your phone. It keeps all the processes and apps streamlined. Clearing the cache of an app will not erase user data. For example, if you clear the cache of Photos apps or Whatsapp. It won’t delete your pictures or messages.

Update: 23.03.2021 If random apps have started crashing on your Pixel phone from yesterday. Go to Applications and Uninstall updates of Android System Webview. Clearing the cache will also solve Google Apps crashing on your phone.

In order to clear the cache of individual apps on your Pixel phone. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings on your Pixel Phone.
  2. Now go to Storage.
  3. Tap on Other Apps.
  4. Now you will see the names of Apps that are on your phone. Along with the space that they are occupying in your phone storage.
  5. Select any app that you want to clear cache of.
  6. It will give you two options. Clear Cache and Clear Storage.
  7. Tap on Clear Cache.

Wipe Cache Partition on Pixel


If the app does not act right even after clearing the cache. Tap on clear storage as well. It will delete the app data. Which means if you clear storage of Facebook app. You will have to log in when you open the app for the next time.

With the release of Android 10. Which is accessible on all Google phones, the conditioning of the software and operating system is maintained by the phone itself. So it is very rare that your phone software will start acting weirdly. Android 10 is a very powerful and efficient operating system. All the apps run very smoothly in it. They must have introduced the concept of garbage collection. Which removes the old cache of the system after a while. Also, the monthly security updates keep the phone running and healthy. So, you don’t really have to worry about regulating your phone. Google takes good care of its software and operating system.

If nothing works; Factory Reset:

If even after you wipe cache partition on Pixel and still your phone is not working fine, you should try a factory reset. It will erase all the data present on your phone and your phone will function as when you took it out of the box. Make sure all your data is backed up. In the Settings -> System -> Backup. You can go and check if your Gmail is linked with your Pixel and everything is getting backed up.

Then you can just factory reset your phone by going to Settings -> System -> Reset Options -> Erase All data (Factory Reset)

It will factory reset your phone and once it is done. All your data will be restored on your phone. Call logs, contacts, messages, WiFi passwords. So it’s not like the old days when you had to think a lot before factory reset. All your data is backed up on the cloud and it takes less than 20 minutes to perform a factory reset. If clearing cache is not helping factory reset is the best method to solve all the issues of your Pixel phone.

If you have issues while trying to wipe cache partition on Pixel. You can comment below or reach out to me using Facebook or other social networks. I am myself using Pixel phone. So, I hope, I will be able to help you out regarding your issues and problems on Pixel.

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