Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB3124262

Windows reserves 20% of your internet connection’s bandwidth for the operating system and the applications installed on it. This makes you unable to use 100% of your internet connection’s speed at any point of time. Reserved bandwidth makes much problem for slow internet connection. You can increase internet connection’s speed by increasing 20% making it 100% and can use high speed internet and increased download speed.

You cannot increase internet connection’s bandwidth on unsupported windows but there are several methods through which you can increase internet connection’s speed in your windows. If you have Pro, Enterprise or Ultimate versions of windows then you can easily do so as these versions provide group policy editor. You can use group policy editor in windows to increase internet connection’s speed by 20%.

Increase Internet Connection’s Speed in Windows by 20%

In order to increase internet connection’s speed by 20%, follow the steps given below. If you are following the steps in sequence then you are good to go.

Step 1: Go to windows search box and type ‘Gpedit.msc’.
Step 2: When windows will show search results, you will find Gpedit.msc at the top of the result. Click on it or simply press enter after typing.
Step 3: Navigate to ‘Computer Configuration’ and then to ‘Administrative Templates’.
Step 4: In Administrative Templates you’ll find ‘Network’. Simply click on it. A new list will be displayed on the right side of the screen. There, you will find ‘QoS Packet Scheduler’.
Step 5: After clicking QoS Packet Scheduler a new list of settings will be displayed. Navigate to ‘Limit Reservable Bandwidth’.
Step 6: A new window will open. On the left of the window, there will be three radio buttons. Click on ‘Enabled’.
Step 7: Now set Bandwidth limit (%) from 20 to 0.
Step 8: Now just click on Apply to apply the changes and click OK to save changes.

These steps will help you to increase internet connection’s speed in windows by 20%. If you are facing any problem in following the above mentioned steps or have any query regarding how to increase internet connection’s speed in windows then let us know in the comments below.