Note 7 is one of the most finest phone of 2016. It has amazing looks. One of the most elegant looking phone released till date. It has all that makes it best phone ever released by Samsung. It has two variants. One is running on Snapdragon 820 and other variant is running on Exynos 8890. Note 7 is packed with 3500 mAh battery. One of the innovative feature that was introduced in Note 7 is iris scanner. It comes with Android 6.0.1 and soon it will get Android Nougat. Fix Note 7 stuck at Samsung logo in bootloop at startup using the guide below.

First of all, try the easy methods first, this might fix your phone.

  • Go to Recovery Menu of your Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
  • Press Volume Up + Home button + Power button at a time and keep on holding till you see android logo and recovery menu on the screen of your phone.
  • Now use volume buttons to navigate to Clear/Wipe Cache 
  • Press power button to select.
  • Reboot and Try.
  • If clearing cache doesn’t help. Get back in the recovery menu and perform factory reset. ( but it will delete all the data present in your phone, although the below method wont delete the data.)

Above are the easy tricks that can be helpful at times. But following is the working and self implemented solution to fix note 7 stuck at Samsung Logo.

Fix Note 7 Stuck at Samsung logo at Startup using SmartSwitch:

Smart Switch is a great tool to backup, restore, or fix Samsung smartphones. It also allows you to flash stock firmware, even if your phone is not booting up. If your Note 7 is stick at Logo screen and it wont even boot up. This tool can help you fix it.

Precautions and Prerequisites:

  • Make sure your phone is charged and its battery percentage is over 50%.
  • Download and Install Samsung drivers for Windows PC. (This is required for your computer to recognise your phone, open the link and click on third line from the top to download.)
  • Download Smart Switch. (It has both windows and MAC version)

Guide on how to flash new firmware to fix Note 7 stuck at Samsung logo at startup:

  1. First of all, install Smart Switch.
  2. Now, connect your phone to your PC using USB data cable.
  3. Click on “More”. It’s present on top right corner of Smart Switch.
  4. note-7-stuck-samsung-logo-start-up-bootloop-1Click on “Emergency Software Recovery and Initialisation.”
  5. Now Select Software Update and Initialization.
  6. Click on Okay.
  7. Now, you will get a warning that all the data present in your phone will be wiped out. Click Ok.
  8. Smart Switch will show you version of Android firmware that will be installed on your phone. Click Okay.
  9. Now all the precautions and warning will be displayed on screen. Although it says that you might get some problem if your phone is rooted. But when a friend of mine used smartswitch to fix rooted Note 7 stuck on Samsung Logo at. It went through just fine.
  10. Note 7 Stuck at Samsung LogoNow SmartSwitch will give you an option to backup all your data. Using this option, you can backup all the data present inside your phone.
  11. After the backup, Smart Switch will download the appropriate firmware for your Galaxy Note 7. Which might take some time, depending upon speed of your internet connection.
  12. Once the download is complete, Smart Switch will put your phone in download mode.
  13. Finally, the new firmware on your Note 7 will be installed. You will see progress bar on your phone and on your PC.  It might take 10 minutes.
  14. After the installation is complete. Your phone will reboot.
  15. Lastly, Smart Switch will ask you to disconnect and then reconnect the USB cable.
  16. Finally, the phone will reboot. And you will get option to restore the data that you backed up from your phone using this tool.

Note: If  Smart Switch gets stuck at 51%. Then download a VPN software like HotSpot shield or Zenmate and change your location to US and try again. Both VPN are free to use.

I hope this guide worked out for you and fixed your phone. If you any issues performing this guide, let me know in the comments. Or try out the below guide. Its a manual way to flash stock ROM on Note 7 to fix bootloop.

Method 2: Fix Note 7 Stuck at Samsung Logo in Bootloop by flashing stock ROM using Odin.

If the above method didn’t work for your and your Note 7 Stuck at Samsung Logo, then you will have to manually flash the stock firmware using Odin. It’s not that difficult, you just have to download right ROM for your phone and flash it via Odin.

You can see this guide if you haven’t tried it before. Although, this guide is for Galaxy S7. You can use it for Note 7. Only thing that you have to do is to install stock firmware of Note 7 from Sammobile instead of S7.

I hope this guide was helpful to fix your phone. If you have any issues in the guide above, let us know in the comments. Also if you have some other solution for Note 7 stuck at samsung logo at startup. Do let us know in the comments.


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