How iOS 11 Screen Recording Feature Works

iOS 11 Screen Recording Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac

In the recent iOS 11 update, Apple introduced a feature that many users have been requesting for some time: A built-in screen recorder. Prior to this if you wanted to record your screen on an iOS device your best bet would be to connect it to your Mac and use QuickTime or some other third party recorder, but now you can record your screen directly on the device itself.

As far as features go it should be noted that iOS 11 screen recording isn’t the most noticeable, which is why it helps to know how it works:

iOS 11 Screen Recording Feature:

  • Enable the screen recorder

Before you can use the screen recorder it needs to be enabled, and you need to open the ‘Settings’ to do so. Select the ‘Control Center’ then click ‘Customize Controls’ and you should see ‘Screen Recording’ listed as one of the options that you can add by clicking on the ‘+’ button beside it.

  • Start and stop recording

To start recording you’ll then have to open the ‘Control Center’ (normally by swiping upwards from the bottom of the screen). If you’ve already enabled the screen recorder you should see an icon for screen recorder that you can tap to start recording.

Once the recording has started, you’ll see a red bar at the top of the display that indicates recording is ongoing. To stop recording you can tap that red bar then confirm you want to stop recording, or open the ‘Control Center’ again and tap the screen recording icon the same way you started recording.

  • Change screen recording settings

While iOS 11’s screen recorder doesn’t have many settings, you can access them by using a 3D Touch on the icon in the ‘Control Center’. In the screen that appears you can start recording, or toggle the microphone on and off – which is basically all the options that exist for now.

Now that you know how it works you should have no problem starting to use iOS 11’s screen recorder or adjusting its settings. As you’ve probably noticed however it is relatively basic and does not contain many features. That is why if you want to be able to customize your recording, you’d be far better off using a third party option such as Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac.

iOS 11 Screen Recording

By connecting your iOS device to your Mac and recording its screen via Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac you’ll be able to fully control the recording parameters. As you can probably guess it will also let you record your Mac’s screen, and set the sound input options, capture area, frame rate, and much more.

At the end of the day, if you want to be able to record high-quality video footage from the screen of your iOS devices without much trouble, Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac can certainly deliver. In some cases you may still want to use iOS 11’s screen recorder, but it helps to have a more comprehensive option available as well.

If you have any questions or queries regarding how iOS 11 screen recording feature works, you can ask us in the comments.

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