iOS 11 new features

iOS 11 was unveiled in June at World Developers conference. There are many new changes in the latest operating system. The interface of many apps like Calculator and Phone have been revamped. The text is bolder and there many other subtle design tweaks that you will notice in iOS 11. Today we will talk about iOS 11 new features that has completely revamped the iPhone and iPad interface. This is mere my perspective, other might have different opinion.

iOS 11 new features

Apple is known for its software. No matter how much work is put into Android it can never come close to iOS in performance. The best thing about iOS is its memory and time management. It can efficiently complete tasks in less time and with less consumption of memory as compared to Android. When it comes to features, iOS is limited and far behind Android.

iOS 11 New Features:

iOS 11 is the latest upcoming operating system for Apple smartphones and iPad. These are major changes that you are going to notice right away.

Control Center:

iOS 11 new features

We are start with control center. The new control center can be customised according to the user’s wish. You can add new icons in it as you like.

The icons are totally rearranged. There are all sorts of new options you can do here. For instance, you can go directly to Alarm app. You dont have to go through the timer’s icon anymore and all of this is totally customizable.


iOS 11 new features

Another feature that you are going to notice right away is files. Your iPhone doesn’t have files or files manager. The same way you know your windows pc or MAX does. Now there is a full fledge app like finder app on MAC that has all your files and content that is stored on the internal storage of your phone.

Files allows quick access to all the content present on your iOS device.


Siri has new voice and it has picked up a lot of new tricks. Now you can use translate feature with Siri. With its help you can translate different languages to english and vice versa.

iOS 11 new features

So obviously this is the kind of feature that can be extremely helpful when you are travelling or try to communicate with people who speak foreign language.

App Store

The app store has been totally changed, now Apple will point you to apps that they think are really special. Fir instance there is a daily list of apps that is selected by editors at apple.

One Handed Keyboard

Personally what I think is my favourite iOS 11 new feature. It is the one handed keyboard. You can either pick a left handed keyboard or right handed keyboard. I can see people just using this as kind of the default. There also a new “Flick” option to enter numbers and symbols quickly.

New ScreenShot Feature

Apple has totally changed the way screenshot work. Now, instead of just saving it to your camera roll. It puts the captured screenshot at the corner of your screen. You can tap on it to open it and edit it. You can open screenshot and pick a tool to draw on the screenshot and share it with someone.

Till now, iOS 11 is just for the developers and beta testers. Apple plan to release this new operating system along with the new iPhones this fall. Hope you liked our list of iOS 11 new features.

The new iOS is definitely worth updating to. it comes out this fall. And it really improves a lot of small day to day uses of your phone and it may solve problem that you wanted to solve for long time.

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