The new European Privacy Policy is in effect which makes the life of Facebook and its other apps like Whatsapp and Instagram complicated in Europe. The privacy laws of the European public on the internet is dealt with by Europe’s Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive. The concern of this organisation is how Facebook is storing the data of European users and what type of data they are collecting. This concern has forced some rules on Facebook on how to handle user data. Facebook is known for gathering too much data from users. More than it’s required. In order to comply with European privacy rules, it has to cut down some features. The latest feature that is not available to Europeans is disappearing photos on Instagram via DM.

It all started with Snowden’s revelation on how US intelligence agencies especially the NSA is collecting data of every individual present on the internet without their consent. The program included the data gathering from Apple, Google and Facebook in the name of national security. The data which is being collected includes chats, files, emails and access to the webcam of the laptop.

The latest order of EU privacy guardians is to stop Facebook from sending the data of Europeans users from Europe to the US. Pertaining to these order and movement of data. Facebook has started cutting off some features from the European citizens. The first feature that is going to lose its existence is group polls on Messenger chat. Now the second feature is disappearing photos on Instagram. People are calling it the monopoly of Facebook to give them a free hand in Europe. Let us see where it takes us, the users.

Disappearing Pictures (View Once & Allow reply) on Instagram via DM

The latest feature that has come under the axe is disappearing photos on Instagram via DM. People using Instagram in Europe are unable to send pictures that can be sent to their friends and family like a snap. A feature that was first introduced in Snapchat and was copied by Instagram. So, you can send a picture to a friend or family, it won’t be saved on the phone. It will be available to be watched only once and then it would be gone.

Although, these disappearing pictures or messenger insight can only be sent to people who have approved your messaging requests or who follow you already. The other feature, where you can send a photo as DM is still there. It can be used to send a picture to a friend. Whereas, the other feature in which the picture appears to the other person as a story. It is no longer available to the users of Instagram in Europe. As you can see in the screenshot below the error is “This can’t be sent because of new rules for messaging services in Europe”.

Send Disappearing Pictures on Instagram

To implement and comply with the ePrivacy Directive of EEA (European Economic Area). There might be a few more features from Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp that might be cut down.

The privacy laws of Whatsapp for the EEA area are different from the rest of the world. Recently, Whatsapp introduced a new policy where the users had to share some of their data which includes phone number, transaction data, information on how you interact with others and phone device information with Facebook. It leads to a huge privacy concern for the general public around the world. In turn, millions of Whatsapp users moved to either Telegram or Signal. Both of these apps are known for respecting the privacy of their users. Signal saw a surge of 7,5 million new downloads from Google Play Store and Apple Store. Whereas, 5,6 million people joined Telegram.

How to send disappearing photos on Instagram via direct message in Europe?

A workaround for this. As this feature is still working in the US and other continents. The only option available is to install an older version of Instagram. As my friends living in other parts of the world have confirmed they are still able to send disappearing photos on Instagram via DM.

In order to send disappearing photos on Instagram via Direct Messages in the UK and EU on Android phones follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, you need to download the older version of Instagram from here.
  2. Now Go to your phone Security Settings and Enable Download and install from Unknown Sources. You can also give this permission when you click on the downloaded Instagram APK.
  3. Once the permissions are given, download and install Instagram on your Android phone.
  4. Once downloaded you are good to go. Now you can send disappearing photos on Instagram via DM even while you are in the UK.
  • For iPhone and other iOS users, use Threads apps from Apple Play Store. It’s not updated yet and it is working to send photos via DM.

If you have any other method that is working do share it with us.

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