Turn off background apps

If you are facing huge battery drainage or your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge. Your phone has been running slow then there could be many possibilities. One of the main cause of this problem unnecessary apps that are running in the background. There are many apps which require regular updates like the weather app, email, social networking apps, analytics, Adsense etc. These apps regularly query the internet to give updates and their services are constantly running in the background. This regular querying consumes a lot of battery and also use most of your internet bandwidth which is not a very good idea. It eventually slows down your smartphone. Turn off background apps on your Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. It will help you to save battery life and also your internet bandwidth.

There is an option to manually update these apps, but in that case, you will not be updated automatically. You will have to update after every some time. Turning off background apps is a very simple method. We will explain the complete process for those who are new to Android smartphones. To turn off background apps, follow the step enlisted below.

Turn Off Background Apps On Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge:

Galaxy S6 is one of the best smartphones released by Samsung. It was released when Samsung was in dire need of something innovative. It proved to be a huge success for the company because of its innovative design and greats specs. With time smartphones tend to slow down in performance. They need occasional maintenance. Make sure you don’t have unnecessary apps installed on your phone and remove the unwanted data from your phone. The more space it has got, the better it will perform. Keep a check on the apps that are running in the background and consuming RAM of your phone.

Shutdown the background apps:

Step 1: Go to Home Screen.
Step 2: Select the ‘Recent apps‘ button.
Step 3: You’ll see the ‘Active apps‘ icon here. Select it.
Step 4: Now, select ‘End‘ or ‘End All‘ and then select OK, if prompted.

Close and disable Background data for all apps

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings‘.
Step 2: Go to ‘Data Usage‘.
Step 3: You will see three dots at the top right corner of the screen. Tap on it to open the context menu.
Step 4: Now, tap on ‘Auto-sync data‘ to disable or uncheck it.
Step 5: Now, select OK.

Disable Background data for Google services:

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings‘.
Step 2: Go to ‘Accounts‘.
Step 3: Now, from here, select ‘Google‘.
Step 4: Here, you’ll see the list of accounts. Select the name of your account.
Step 5: Now, uncheck all the Google Services you want to disable in the background.

Note: Facebook cannot be disabled through S6 or S6 Edge settings. You have to disable background data from Facebook’s menus. To do that go to facebook settings and turn ‘Refresh Interval‘ to ‘Never‘.

These steps will help you to turn off background apps on Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. If you have any query regarding how to turn off background apps on any other android device then let us know in the comments below.