Android has been one of the leading platforms for smartphone users, and there is no limit to what users can perform on their Android devices. However, the fact remains that even as big as a genius you might consider yourself, everybody is bound to make some common mistakes and then regret the outcomes. An Android device is no different.

Many users commonly delete important stuff from their devices and then wish there was a way to undo what they mistakenly did. One of the more common issues is that users delete their important photographs and then look for ways to get them back. The good news is that iTechify just has what the users need to recover deleted photos on

Recover Deleted Photos on Android Phone:

The first thing that you need to do is to turn off your Wi-Fi or any other data connections immediately. The reason behind this is simple. Once data is deleted from your device, it isn’t deleted unless the memory where the data existed has been overwritten by something new. In that case, your data is unfortunately gone for good. Once done, you’re now ready to recover deleted photos on Android. Follow these steps:

Check Recently Deleted Folder (If Available)

  1. Open the Photos app on your Android device.
  2. Look for a “Recently Deleted” or “Trash” folder. Some Android devices automatically move deleted photos to this folder, where they remain for a set period before being permanently deleted.
  3. If you find the deleted photos in this folder, select the photos you want to recover and restore them to your main photo library.

Google Photos Backup

  1. Open the Google Photos app on your Android device.
  2. Tap on the three horizontal lines (menu icon) in the top-left corner and select “Trash” from the menu.
  3. If your photos were deleted recently, they may still be in the Trash folder. Select the photos you want to recover and tap on the “Restore” button.
  4. If you have Google Photos backup enabled, deleted photos may still be available in your Google account’s cloud storage. Open Google Photos on a web browser (, log in with your Google account, and check the “Trash” folder. Recover any deleted photos from there.

Recover Deleted Photos on Android via Data Recovery Software

If the above methods don’t work or the photos were deleted a while ago, you can try using third-party data recovery software. Here’s how:

  1. Many data recovery apps are available on the Google Play Store. Choose a reputable one with positive reviews and ratings, such as DiskDigger, Dr.Fone, or EaseUS MobiSaver.
  2. Download and install the selected data recovery app from the Google Play Store. Open the app once it’s installed.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to grant the app the necessary permissions to access your device’s storage.
  4. Once permissions are granted, initiate a scan for deleted files. The app will scan your device’s storage for any deleted photos.
  5. After the scan completes, the app will display a list of recoverable files, including deleted photos. Preview the photos to ensure they are recoverable, then select the photos you want to recover and proceed with the recovery process.
  6. Choose a location to save the recovered photos. It’s recommended to save them to a different location than where they were originally stored to avoid overwriting.

Tips to Improve Recovery Success:

  • The sooner you attempt to recover deleted photos, the higher the chances of successful recovery.
  • Stop using your Android device immediately after realizing photos are deleted to prevent new data from overwriting the deleted photos.
  • Enable automatic backups to Google Photos or other cloud storage services to prevent permanent data loss in the future.

By following these steps and tips, you should be able to recover deleted pictures from your Android phone effectively.

This process might take a little while, but we assure you that you won’t find a better one. Please feel free to leave any queries in the comments below, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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