Whatsapp Stuck on Restoring Media

If you are moving to a new number or a new phone, you might want to migrate your data to the new phone. The process is quite simple; you back up your WhatsApp data on Google cloud from your old device, log in to WhatsApp on your new device using the same number and restore the data from the cloud. In theory, it sounds convenient and easy, yet sometimes there are issues in practice. Today we will talk about Whatsapp stuck on restoring media on Google Pixel while migrating the data from one Android device to another.

The issue of Whatsapp being stuck on restoring the pictures and videos from the Google backup is pretty common on Android devices. However, this error is not specific to Google Pixel devices but to Android devices. While restoring Whatsapp, apparently, everything is restored on the new phone, yet the notification of “Restoring Media” is constantly up in the notification bar. For me, when I came across this issue of WhatsApp stuck on restoring media on Google Pixel 6. I waited overnight still; the notification wasn’t gone. Although, I could see all the data already restored on my phone. I tried to clear the cache of Whatsapp and restart the phone, but nothing was handy. The problem is because of file system overwriting, which we will solve in this guide.

WhatsApp Stuck on Restoring Media on Google Pixel:

Using this guide, we will talk about how to fix the Whatsapp backup restore issue on Android devices. The procedure would be performed on the new phone to which you want to restore the data.

Whatsapp Stuck on Restoring Media

  1. First of all, make sure you have made a backup of all your Whatsapp data on your old phone.
  2. Now on the new phone, delete Whatsapp.
  3. Once you have deleted Whatsapp from your phone, now we have to access and delete the files that are causing the issue.
  4. Now on your new phone, if it’s a Google Pixel, go to Files. If it is some other Android phone, use the file manager from your phone.
  5. Navigate to Internal Storage of your phone.
  6. Once there, locate the folder named Android.
  7. In the Android folder, go to Media and in that folder, look for Whatsapp.
  8. You have to delete that folder from your phone. (there might be some prefix before Whatsapp on the folder name, its safe to delete the folder)
  9. The Files app or any other file manager you are using will allow you to delete the folder when you long-press the folder.
  10. Once done, now install Whatsapp again on your Android phone.
  11. Once Whatsapp is installed, use the option to restore from the backup.

This time, once the media is restored, the restoring media notification will be gone. There are some empty folders in the phone’s internal storage where the backup is supposed to be restored, which are the cause of this error.

I hope this guide helped you fix WhatsApp stuck on restoring media issues. Suppose you have any questions or queries regarding the guide. Feel free to contact us.

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