YouTube Vanced is an Ad-free version of YouTube which allows users to play the videos in the background and enable picture-in-picture mode while playing youtube on their Android phones. It works with MicroG. In the recent update, users are unable to cast YouTube vanced on TV. In this guide, we will deal with the potential solution to this problem.

YouTube Vanced is a relief for people who are done with ads on YouTube. The constant ads while playing any video on YouTube has been a pain in the arse. We now have an application that works totally like YouTube, the interface is also of YouTube, yet there are no ads. The users are also able to play the videos in the background; for example, if you are listening to music on YouTube. You can lock your phone or close the screen, still, the music will play. Another possibility is to use picture-in-picture mode. Suppose you are doing something on your phone and you want to watch a YouTube video alongside, youtube vanced allows you to use YouTube in a small window on your screen while you are doing work. You can also move the small window to any side or corner of your screen.

Unable to Cast YouTube Vanced on SmartTV or Chromecast?

In the latest version of YouTube Vanced, users have reported that they are unable to cast to Chromecast or their smartTV from YouTube vanced app. Although, the vanced app does not block ads while you cast the device on the TV. So one can just use the normal YouTube app for casting. Yet, for the people who are used to using the YouTube Vanced app. It is such a pain. The developers of vanced app have confirmed that the updated version is having issues with casting and it is not supporting the YouTube casting on TV via firestick or Chromecast. They have said that it’s because of microG (which is a pre-requisite on non-rooted devices for vanced app). It will be fixed soon. The root version of YouTube vanced and the stock YouTube app works fine.

While trying to cast YouTube Vanced on Chromecast, the user gets an error “Update Google Play Services: YouTube won’t run unless you update Google Play Services”

In order to solve this issue, we would have to downgrade the application to the previous version:

How to downgrade Youtube Vanced to fix the casting issue:

You would have to downgrade to YouTube Vanced v16.14.34 or v15.43.32

  1. In order to downgrade YouTube Vanced; Open Vanced manager on your phone.
  2. Tap on YouTube Vanced. Click on the Delete icon to delete the current version of the app.
  3. Once it’s deleted, click on the download icon.
  4. Now tap on redownload.
  5. Here tap on Version: latest; it will open a menu with all the versions of YouTube Vanced.
  6. Select the YouTube Vanced v16.14.34, let it download and install.

Once it is installed. Go to YouTube vanced and now you would be able to cast Youtube on TV via Chromecast, smartTV, or firestick.

Although, it’s been about six months that the issue is there, yet the fix is still not out. Users with rooted devices don’t have this issue. I am hopeful that the solution to this problem will be released soon. Till then hopefully, this guide will help you if you are unable to cast Vanced YouTube on TV.

Another solution is to link with your TV using the pin code. If you have a smartTV. You can go to the YouTube app settings on your TV, get the code from there and add it to the app. There is an option to link with a TV with code when you tap on the casting button on the YouTube app.

I hope this guide helped you to fix unable to cast Vanced YouTube on TV. If you have any questions or queries regarding the guide above, feel free to drop a comment or reach out to us via contact us forms.

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