Install stock firmware on Honor 6x

Buying Honor 6X can prove out to be the most economical choice you will ever make when it comes to smartphones. It has specs of all the top tier phones of each brand and its price is almost half as compared to them. Honor 6X can sometimes run into problems. Or get bricked. And in order to fix it, you have to flash stock firmware on Honor 6X. In this guide, I will explain you how to install stock firmware on Honor 6X.

Honor 6X is powered by Octa core processor. It has two variants, one is equipped by 4 GB RAM and the other one is equipped by 3 GB RAM. It has a big battery with capacity of 3340 mAh. Honor 6X is said to have fastest fingerprint unlocking speed. It has 5.5 inch screen.

How to Install Stock firmware on Honor 6X:

Installing the stock rom will ensure that you will get OTA updates from Huawei. You can also qualify for the beta testing of Android Nougat for Honor 6X once you get back to stock firmware. It doesn’t voids warranty. If your phone is rooted it will be unrooted.

There are number of things to be considered before we move on the guide. I will be explaining each and every step with detail so there isn’t any confusion or ambiguity. Still, if you get stuck at any step or youre confused about it. You can ask me in the comments.

Following are few prerequisites that you will need before we proceed further:

  • Download Stock ROM for your Honor 6X from XDA depot or this file depot.
  • Make sure your phone is charged.
  • External SD card in Honor 6X.

Selecting the right firmware is very important. Make sure you download the right firmware; match the make and model number of your phone with the firmware number. Flashing wrong firmware will be unsuccessful.

Method 1 to Install Stock firmware on Honor 6X:

Once you have downloaded the ROM from the link above. If it contains Update.APP file instead of zip file then proceed with the below method. If its a zip file then you will have to install stock firmware on Honor 6X using stock android recovery which is explained in the next method.

Now follow the steps below to install stock firmware on Honor 6x:

  1. Extract and copy UPDATE.APP to “dload” folder on SD Card (you can create a new folder in the root directory of your SD card and name it “dload” if the folder does not exists already).
  2. Go to your phone dialer and enter *#*#2846579#*#*  and make a call.
  3. A project menu will open on the interface of your phone.
    Project Menu -> Upgrade -> SD card update -> Confirm.
  4. Now, your phone will reboot and update.

Install stock firmware on Honor 6x

If your phone can’t load to system after command then use the following method to install stock firmware on honor 6x:

  1. Power off your Huawei Honor 6X.
  2. Copy to “dload” folder on SD card.
  3. Press and hold Volume up + Volume down + Power button simultaneously. It will auto install stock firmware on Honor 6X.

Install stock firmware on Honor 6X from Stock Recovery:

If you have downloaded a ZIP file. Dont flash it using TWRP or any custom recovery, it might brick your phone. First install stock android recovery on your Honor 6X and then perform the steps below:

  1. Copy the to sdcard.
  2. Power off Honor 6X.
  3. Now press and hold the Volume up + Power Button to get into Recovery Menu.
  4. In Android Stock recovery, goto “install from sd card” option. (Use power button to select and volume buttons to navigate.)
  5. Select internal or external sd card. Wherever you copied the file.
  6. Now select the file.
  7. Select “Yes” to install the update.
  8. It will take some time to install stock rom on honor 6X.
  9. Then your phone will reboot. If it does not reboots itself. Select the option reboot system now“.

That’s all, if you have any questions regarding how to flash stock firmware on Honor 6x. You can ask in the comments. If you have any confusion or you’re reluctant to perform this guide. You can seek help by reaching out to us. Do share with us if you were successful in flashing stock rom on Huawei honor 6x.

  • Aihik Sarkar

    can you please tell me the proccess of dialling the code starting with *#….will work on TWRP ?
    IF no…then plz tell me if i have to flash the stock recovery or not ?

    • Installing the ZIP file from TWRP might soft brick your phone. But if you have Update.App file you can install it by following steps:

      1. Power off your Huawei Honor 6X.
      2. Copy to “dload” folder on SD card.
      3. Press and hold Volume up + Volume down + Power button.

      If this does not works, then flash stock recovery then flash the zip file.

  • mark

    Can I change Rom from Chinese to European? BLN-AN20 to BLN-L21 ???

    • Doug

      Do we have a reply to this?
      Can we install BLN-L21 on the Chinese version phone?
      The chat above indicates that the only difference between Chinese ROM and the non-Chinese ROM is the Google apps. But, I have to believe there are other differences – though I can’t prove it.

  • Siddhesh

    dioes Reverting to stock will delete data????

  • CJ

    If I’m using the Chinese variant of the honor 6x, bln a10, if i restore to the stock rom from the vendors rom, will i still have google play and google play services?

    • The Chinese ROMS do not have Google play Services and Google Play Store. You might not have these apps. You will have to install them on your own.

      • Anonymous

        So is that the only thing thats missing from the chinese variant? also if i update to the stock rom will i get ota updates?

        • Yes. If you will install stock firmware on Honor 6X. You will get OTA updates from Huawei.

  • CJ

    Is that the only thing missing from the stock rom on the chinese version? also will i get ota updates if i upgrade to stock rom?

  • Issa


    I have a BLN-AL20 chinese variant. Tried all the workaround but cannot get my google contacts. Considering to flash a stock rom for BLN-L21 (EU variant). will it work? Your help is much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  • CJ

    When I downloaded the b170 firmware I got a zip file. Can I just extract the contents of the zip file and then just copy and paste the file into the dload folder, so I can use the dial pad combonation to install the stock firmware.

    Sorry for the questions I’m new at this

    • See the second method.

      1. Move the file to your internal or external storage. Dont extract it.
      2. Then go to Recovery menu.
      3. Select Install from D card.
      4. Select the zip file from storage.
      5. Install it and then select reboot system now.
      6. Let me know if you need more help.

  • Janusz

    Hi Abdullah
    I have HONOR 6x nr firmware BLN-AL 10C00B366
    What stock rom I need to download and install to change chinese rom to european

  • Anonymous

    Hallo, sir my honor 6x doesn’t have any such menu option to install front SDcard, so please update your post and please tell us any other way to install zip file in honour 6x.

    • If your recovery menu doesnot have Install from SDcard then you are not using stock Android recovery.

  • Jacky

    I have a Chinese Rom on mine, because of this mobile data does not work in my country, if I were to install a European Rom would it then solve my issue or is this a hardware issue?

    • Yes if you will flash european firmware. Then you will be able to use mobile data in other countries.

  • Hello sir my one question. Please tell me how can I downgrade my Honor 6X Android 7.0 to 6.0 because it’s official firmware is Android 6.0 and I updated to Android 7.0 but I am not happy after update to 7.0 with EMUI 5.0 so please help me my phone variant is Pakistani

  • Vignesh Vicky

    lots of thanks,,,,,,these methods are working fine.for my honor 6x BLN-L22….love you buddy……good job,,,,

  • Yuberlan Dos Santos

    I am from Brazil and bought the Huawei Honor 6X version (BLN-AL10) came with Chinese rom and I want to change rom, but I do not know which one to put, could you help me?

  • Anonymous

    Can i install indian BLN 22 Firmware on BLN 21 Middle east Honor 6X …?