S6 Broken Screen

If you bought a shiny and amazing Galaxy S6 recently. You might need to get its screen protector and side covers. Accidents don’t ask before coming and you don’t want to be in a situation where your new phone fell out of your hands or while getting out of the car you dropped it on the floor and its screen broke up. Ask those who have been in this situation, you surely don’t want to end up with a Galaxy S6 broken screen.

Well If you broke the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S6 and you are looking for ways to recover data from it before you can claim insurance and get a new phone as a replacement. We have some useful method for you to recover data from broken Galaxy S6.

I am assuming you have already tried using USB debugging method and KIES, but you can’t access the phone because you have a security code for unlocking and your fingerprint scanner is not working because the phone just rebooted.

If you have the above problem, I am glad to tell you that I have a legit method that can help you to recover data from your S6 broken screen. It is not a technical method. Its 100% working and most people don’t even know about it. Using this method you can recover all the data including contacts, videos, and pictures.

Tip: It is always great to keep a backup stored on your PC, accidents can happen to anyone at any time.

Recover Data From Galaxy S6 Broken Screen:

Moving on to the method to recover data from Galaxy S6 Broken screen. Just follow the easy steps below and you will get all your data back. Follow the below method to remotely unlock your S6 broken screen using your Samsung Account. 

Note: You must have a Samsung account on your S6; If you want this service to work. It is the same service like Apple’s Find my iPhone. Find my mobile has a number of other features as well which can be used remotely. For this service to work, you must have enabled Remote controls on your phone

  1. First of all, you have to log in from your Samsung account credentials on Samsung’s Find my Mobile service.
  2. Once you have logged in, You will see all the actions you can remotely perform on your S6 broken screen.broken-screen-galaxy-s6-recover-data
  3. You will see an option “Remotely unlock my phone or Unlock screen remotely”.
  4. Unlock your phone using it.
  5. Now connect your S6 broken screen with your MAC or PC and recover the data using KIES or Smart Switch. You can also use standard copy paste to transfer your files to PC.
  • If you have tried the above method but no luck in unlocking your Galaxy S6 as you didn’t have Samsung account on it. Then before you send it for replacement or claiming the insurance. You might want to erase all the personal data present inside it, so that no strangers can get their hands on your personal data. Use this guide to erase all the contents of your Galaxy S6 before you send it for replacement or claiming insurance.
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Third Method to Recover Data from Samsung Galaxy S6 Broken Screen:

Well if the above method didn’t work for you as it has a number of privacy constraints, so many people are unable to unlock their Galaxy S6 to recover data from it. Use this method. It is a bit time consuming and you get frustrated at time. But in the end, you will be able to unlock your S6 to recover data from it. So I guess it’s worth it.

Let me give you an overview before we proceed further. In the method mentioned below, we will connect a mouse to S6 broken screen using an OTG cable. After connecting mouse, a cursor will appear on the screen, although you won’t see it because your screen is broken but you will be able to enter your passcode using the clicks. So let’s move on to the guide without further ado.

Only Condition of this guide is that even if your screen and digitizer aren’t working but the rest of the phone should be functional and it should be powered on.


You will need following things to perform this guide:

  • OTG Cable.
  • USB Mouse.
  • Pencil and a Paper.
  • USB Data Transfer Cable

Well at one end of OTG cable, there is a female USB port where you can connect USB mouse and the other end of OTG cable connects to your Galaxy S6.

UPDATE: Instead of following the whole procedure below. Just get a USB Keyboard. Use it on a working Galaxy S6 and learn the pattern of keys you will have to follow to get to the backup password. Then connect USB keyboard to your Samsung Galaxy S6 broken screen using OTG cable and use the same button combination on your Galaxy S6 broken screen to enter the backup password to unlock it.

Optional scenario to practice use of a mouse on working Galaxy S6 to prepare for entering passcode without seeing anything on the screen.

After you have got the mouse and OTG cable. You might also need a Galaxy S6 from a friend or acquaintance. This is to prepare for using the mouse with no visual aid. On the working Galaxy S6 connect the mouse using OTG cable and perform the following steps.

  • Move the cursor to the top right or any corner of the screen and then move it to the keys and determine the speed and direction to get to a specific key.
  • Another option: To get an idea of the interface. Take a thin paper like tissue paper and put it on display of working S6. Now go to lock screen. You will be able to key through the paper. Draw the keys on paper. This will help you to remember the place of keys when you will have no visual aid.
  • Recommended option: 
    • Draw a square on paper.
    • Move the cursor to any corner of the screen.
    • Put the mouse in the middle of the paper.
    • Now reach to specific key on your phone using the mouse.
    • Draw the route that you used to reach the specific key on paper.
    • Mark it with a letter or alphabet.
    • You can also draw the whole scenario of entering the passcode on paper. Once you have made the pattern to enter the passcode on paper. We will use this paper in the next part of this guide to enter the passcode on the Galaxy S6 broken screen.
Recover data from Samsung Galaxy S6 broken screen
Draw Pattern on Paper using a mouse on working Galaxy S6.

Once you have mastered the skill of using a mouse and moving around on the lock screen and you have made a map in your mind. Move forward to the actual guide where we are going to recover data from broken screen Galaxy S6.

Now Follow the steps to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 broken screen to recover data.

  1. First of all, connect OTG to your phone and connect USB mouse to other end of OTG cable.
  2. Now that you have connected mouse on your phone, a cursor will be present on the interface. Although you won’t be able to see it. Now is the time to use your skills and expertise of using the mouse with no visual aid which we practiced before.
  3. The lock screen pattern you made on tissue paper. Put it on display screen of broken S6. and you can also use the pattern you made on paper mapping the directions to reach a specific key.
  4. Increase the volume to full using the volume keys.
  5. Once you are all prepared. Press the power button to take your phone to lock screen. (If you are not sure whether the phone is at lockscreen or not. Wait for a minute or so. Your phone will go to sleep, now press the power button to take it back to lock screen).
  6. Now move the cursor to the far end of your screen. Now with concentration visualise the location of cursor and keypad in your mind and gradually take the cursor to the Backup Password option and click on it, so that your phone displays keypad to enter the password.
  7. Using the same technique. You will have to reach each key on and click on it to enter your password. You will get an audio signal from the phone as you will enter each key.
  8. Move the cursor to the far end and bring it back to the next letter or alphabet of your password. If you are lucky. You will be able to unlock your phone in 3-5 attempts.Recover data from Samsung Galaxy S6 Broken screen or cracked screen
  9. If you somehow messed up the route to get to a specific key or entered a wrong letter. Then use the power button to put the phone to sleep and wait for few seconds then press the power button again to get back to lock screen. Now start the process of entering a letter on the Galaxy S6 broken screen again.
  10. DONT GIVE UP. Yes it is a frustrating process and it will consume a lot of time, but as a result, you will recover data from your broken Galaxy S6 including all the pictures, WhatsApp data and everything from your cracked screen S6.
  11. When you have successfully unlocked your Galaxy S6 with cracked screen. You will hear an unlocking sound. Now is the time to get the data.
  12. Remove the OTG cable and connect your phone to PC or laptop using USB data transfer cable.
  13. Now you will be able to access the data present in your phone using your PC or Laptop.

Keep in mind that phone automatically locks after 30 seconds or 1 minute. So use the volume keys to keep it awake all the time. To prevent the phone from locking, press the volume key after every 10 seconds or so. Although once data transfer has started, don’t worry if the phone gets unlocked again.

That is it, I hope this method works out for you guys.

Third Method to Recover Data from Broken Galaxy S6:

Even if the above method didn’t work for you, this method is last hope for your to recover data from Broken Galaxy S6. In this method, we will use a software named as SmartSwitch to get all of your data. This software is used to install new firmware on Samsung smartphones, if they are bricked or somehow now working.

We will use smart switch to backup data from broken Galaxy S6. Once you have got your phone fixed then you can restore it. OR you can restore your data in some other Samsung Galaxy S6.

  1. Download and Install Smart Switch on your PC.
  2. Connect your broken Galaxy S6 to your PC.
  3. Make a Backup of your phone using Smart Switch.

Note: If your phone is not recognised by your PC and your phone asks for permission then you won’t be able to make a backup. But if you previously had connected your phone to PC and given the permission then you will be able to make a backup of your Galaxy S6 broken screen.

Note: The backup of your broken phone is stored in your PC. I dont know if it’s encrypted, you can locate it in your files and check if the pictures and all the other data is saved without encryption. Also if you are unable to find a working Galaxy S6. You can borrow it from a friend, make a backup of it on your PC using smartswitch. Restore the backup of your broken phone. Copy all that data on your pc. And then again restore data of your friend on his Galaxy S6 and then hand him over his phone.

If you have any issue regarding anything in this guide, let me know in the comments. If it worked out for you and you got your data back, feedback would really cheer me up. I help people because it makes me happy. You can share this post with your friends or on your social networks, so that this guide stays up for a long time and helps other people as well.

Smartphones are very vulnerable to damage. Make sure you always keep your phone backed up on cloud or PC. You never know when these devices decide to give up on you.