Note 5 Tips and Tricks

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was launched just this past month, and it already has a lot of customers who are actually loving their new device. Its not just the new design that Samsung has put into the picture, but along with it many new features that are intriguing to the customers, taking the user experience to a whole new level. This article briefly describes some of the Note 5 Tips and Tricks that the users should know off before getting started on their new Galaxy Note 5.

Note 5 Tips and Tricks

Written below are a few of the Note 5 Tips and Tricks that the users should be aware of before getting started with their new device.

Note 5 Tips and Tricks

1. Camera Settings

The Galaxy Note 5 comes with an awesome camera. The picture quality is as good as it was expected. But there is always a possibility to take things up to the next level and Samsung just so happens to have a bunch of camera settings for the users to play around with in order to get the most out of this camera.

You can simply press your home button twice or tap on the camera icon in your device to launch the Camera. Once inside, you will see a gear shaped button at the top through which you would be able to get into the Camera Settings. Cool settings to check out are the Grid Lines, Location Tags and Quick Launch. At the main camera interface, turning the HDR Mode on and disabling the Flash would result in some pretty sick snapshots.

The Note 5 is capable of capturing 4K videos but is set to 1080P by default. This is due to the fact that most of the video features are disabled when shooting in 4K. Therefore, by default, the video shooting is set to 1080P. If you want to use HDR Mode, Video Effects and Software Stabilization, it is better to leave the video mode at 1080P.

Once you have these settings tweaked up, you can be sure to take a quick camera shot anytime you want and the result would be just as you would expect it to be.

2. Camera Modes

It is just not the camera settings that you should be concerned with. Note 5 comes with a bunch of camera modes as well. While in camera, click on the Mode button and new modes such as Pro Mode, Panorama, Slow Motion and Live Broadcast would show up for you to choose from.

  • Pro Mode gives you all you could ask for. Manual EV, shutter speed, ISO, white balance you name it. Pro mode gives you complete control over the photographs you take.
  • Panorama allows sweeping camera shots of landscapes. Hold the device vertically and steadily move tilt it left or right to take beautiful panorama pictures. 
  • Slow Motion allows users to capture videos and slow them down selectively in the video editor, just after the capture.
  • Broadcast allows you to broadcast your videos to YouTube while you’re recording them.
3. One-Handed Mode

The Galaxy Note 5 is a lot easier to handle the its ancestor devices due to its smaller dimensions, but the 5.7″ screen is still too big to handle for some people. Luckily, Samsung has provided the users with a workaround that allows the device to be used using a single hand only, that is the One-Handed Mode.

The most important feature to mention here is the Reduce Screen Size feature. After turning this feature on, thrice tap the Home Button and shrink the size of the screen, which is only to go full screen again with another three taps to the home button or tapping an on-screen button.

Next is the One-Handed Input. With this feature, you can shrink the on-screen input areas like the pin code, the keyboard in a messaging app and shift them to the right or the left side of the screen, as it pleases you.

4. Fast Charging Mode

The Galaxy Note 5 includes the adaptive fast charging, but you can’t simply enjoy the benefits of this turbo charge unless you have a compatible charger to go along with your device. The charger included in the Note 5’s box supports fast charging but any charger that is branded as compatible with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge can be used to charge up the device. It is one of the best Note 5 Tips.

5. S Pen Extension Pack

The Galaxy Note 5 has been known for the S Pen Stylus. Well this time around, Samsung has offered an extension pack which is available for the users to download from the Samsung Store for free. In order to get you extension pack, simply open the S Note application. Then tap More at the top right of the screen and tap on More Features. Then simply tap on the Extension Pack and download it. The extension pack is basically a tool for drawing shapes, which is very useful when you have to draw a diagram on your Note. You draw a rough sketch of a shape and your Note automatically converts it into a very neat shape.

After downloading the Extension Pack, simply make a new memo and tap the second button at the bottom of your screen from the left side, which appears only after you download this pack.

There is no end to the amount of features that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has to offer to its customers. We hope that you find these Note 5 Tips & Tricks useful. Feel free to leave any comments below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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I downloaded the S pen application, your instructions say to: Simply make a new memo and tap the second button at the bottom of your screen from the left side, which appears only after you download this pack.

When I tap on “new action memo” there are no new buttons at the bottom of my screen.

Please explain this in more detail. Thanks