Release Date of Nexus Latest Flagships

Just Now CNET has released report stating the Release date of Nexus latest flagships, Everyone is waiting anxiously for the most awaited smartphone of this year, and now the release date seems to be just around the corner.

It is said that the Giant of web, Google has arranged an event on September 29th, 2015 in San Francisco, And This event will release the upcoming smartphones of Nexus, According to the very popular presumption, which is strengthened by the internet rumours, Nexus will release two smartphones this year, Just like Apple. One will be small, Most probably like the Nexus 5 and It’s screen size is said to be the same as of Nexus 5.

Other one is said to be a larger version, With the screen size of Nexus 6, It might even be larger than Nexus 6, It is being built by Huawei.

Another momentous thing about these smartphones and this event is, Andorid 6 Marshmallow. Which is to be released to public on the very same day, The upcoming smartphones of Nexus will be the first smartphones running on the latest operating system developed by Google. Android 6 has the purest Android experience as said by the developers testing it.

For the third time, Google is collaborating with LG to develop a smartphone, Their partnership has proved worthwhile as Nexus 5 proved out to be the most loved Smartphones by the geeks and Android community. Other smartphone made by LG for Google is Nexus 4, Which was also loved by the public.

Although for Huawei, Its their first time they are making a Nexus Smartphone, It might be a crucial stage for Huawei, As this company is not widely known in US and Europe, Whereas it is renowned in Asia for making good high-end smartphones.

These are just the rumours, We cant be sure of anything until Google Officially announces the release date of Nexus Latest Flagships. As we get more updates on this matter, we will let you know on this very same post, So dont forget to bookmark and keep on checking.


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