S Pen Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has been a huge success and already has pretty much a lot more purchasers then the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. This is majorly because of the presence of an S Pen Stylus inside the Note 5. The S Pen offers amazing capabilities that are not to be found in any other smartphone, keeping the Galaxy Note always a few steps ahead of the other smartphones. Lets checkout S pen features.

If you’ve recently upgraded to Note 5 or even if it is your first time trying out a note, you’ll need a guide on how to use the S Pen Features. Well this post is all that you need in order to get started with your new Note 5 and learn all the S Pen features that there are to know about.

S Pen Features

S Pen Features : All There Is To Know About

We’re going to help you get started with your new Note 5’s S Pen. Although there may be a lot more features that we may miss out in this post, we are sure to let you in on the most use S Pen features that you are to make use of in your daily life.

  1. Off-Screen Memo

    Just as the name suggests, the Note 5 comes with the ability to write a memo without having to unlock your device. In order to do so, simply take out your S Pen from the device, which will open up a black screen on your device, allowing you to write a quick memo using your S Pen and save it. It can then be viewed in your memos once you unlock the device.

  2. Air Command

    Next up is the new air command. Once your unlock your device and plug out the S Pen, the air command window pops up which has 4 menu options by default namely Action Memo, Smart Select, Screen Write, S Note.

    • Action Memo basically opens up a quick screen for you to write a quick memo and save it.
    • Smart Select can be used when you want to take a snap of a part of your screen by cropping it, to be saved in the gallery or to be shared with a friend.
    • Screen Write takes a screenshot of your current screen and allows you to write anything on it using the S Pen.
    • S Note opens up the S Note application allowing you to see all your notes or action memos.
    • The air command also has 2 other spots available for you to create shortcuts of any of the applications that you use the most.
  3. Extension Pack

    The S Note application now includes an extension pack for the users to mess around with. In order to download yours, simply open the S Note application, tap on More at the top right of the screen and tap More Features. Then simply tap the Extension Pack and download the pack from the Samsung store. This extension pack is basically used to draw shapes. Once downloaded, write a quick memo and you will see an additional button at the lower left side of your screen with shapes drawn on it. Simply tap on that button. Now draw a rough shape on the screen and watch your extension pack convert it into a neatly drawn shape. The extension pack can be very useful for making diagrams.

  4. Air Hover

    This is personally one of the features I liked the most. Open up an application, lets say facebook. Simply hover your S Pen at the Bottom Center of your screen to let the screen Scroll Downwards. Do the same at the Upper Center of the screen in order to Scroll Upwards.

These are the top 4 S Pen Features for now. If you have any questions or comments, please use the comments section below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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