Note 5 Not Turbo Charging

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones are now packed with an adaptive turbo charger, which allows your device to be charged up to a 100% a lot quicker then those ordinary chargers back in the days. Such an adaptive turbo charger also comes along with the brand new Galaxy Note 5. It charges up the device to a 100% pretty decently quick.

But there may be times when your device fails to recognize the charger as an adaptive turbo charger. In this case, the device seems to charge up pretty slow, as an ordinary charger would do. Is your Note 5 not turbo charging? Fortunate enough, you’ve dropped by at the right place as we’ve got the perfect recipe in order to get your adaptive turbo charger back to charging the device as quick as it used to.

Note: Please make sure that you’re using an adaptive turbo charger, that either came in the box of your device or one that you purchased separately. Fast charging is an ability of the charger, not the device.

The article written below briefly guides you on how to fix the ‘Note 5 not turbo charging’ issue.

Note 5 Not Turbo Charging

Note 5 Not Turbo Charging: Here’s What To Do

  1. Power off your device.
  2. Boot into recovery mode. In order to do so, press and hold the Power, Volume Up and the Home buttons for a couple of seconds. Your device will boot into recovery mode.
  3. Once inside the recovery mode, select the Wipe Cache option. Please note that in recovery mode, you have to use the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons in order to move between the options and use the Power button in order to select the option.
  4. Once your device has completed wiping the cache, your device will automatically restart.
You may now plug in your adaptive fast charger. Once plugged in, swipe down the notification panel in order to check whether your device is on a ‘Fast Charge’ or a normal ‘Cable Charge’. The prior statement is an indication that you’ve successfully fixed your ‘Note 5 not turbo charging’ issue.

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