Transfer Data from old Blackberry to Blackberry Priv

Blackberry has recently released their first Android powered smartphone which is called BlackBerry Priv. Using this smartphone, you can access the huge library of Google apps using Google play store. and if you were sticking to the blackberry because of the all famous blackberry keyboard then this is the smartphone you ought to buy. In the guide below I will guide you how to Transfer Data from old Blackberry to Blackberry Priv.

BlackBerry Priv is running on Android 5.1.1 lollipop. It is being powered by Snapdragon 808 hexacore, 64x. Its display screen size is 5.43 inch. Keep in mind, there is a physical keyboard along with it, so the phone is quite big. but its a sliding phone, the keyboard is at the back of the screen. 32 GB internal storage space along with MicroSD slot which can support SD cards up to 2 terabyte.

So if you want to transfer data from old Blackberry to blackberry priv, use the below method:

Transfer Data from old Blackberry to Blackberry Priv

How to Transfer Data from old Blackberry to Blackberry Priv

Using the following guide you can Transfer Data from old Blackberry to Blackberry Priv including Music, Pictures, Calendar, Texts, Email ID’s videos.

Now First of all perform these following steps on your Old Blackberry device like Blackberry 10:

  1. First of all download BlackBerry Content Transfer App.
  2. Once you have downloaded it. open the app, you will get an option to upload your content on Google Drive using Google account. or you can use another method to backup your content on MicroSD card.
  3. If you choose to upload your data on Google Drive. Move on to next screen by clicking next and enter your google account details into the fields and give the permissions to the app. Now the app will ask you what content you want to save, by default all options are ticked.
  4. Now tap on start, you will be given an option to set a password for your data backup. It is recommended not to set the password. Just so that you don’t forget it while retrieving it into your new device. (If you want to create a backup on your MicroSD card. select Use Another Method, select the content you want to create backup of and tap on Next).
  5. Now the app will backup your data and when its done you will get a message that transfer is complete.

Note: All your data will be saved in a folder named as BlackBerry Content Transfer.

Now get your hands on the Blackberry Priv and perform the following Steps in order to transfer data from old Blackberry to Blackberry Priv:

  • Now Locate an app named as Content transfer on your Blackberry Priv. It comes preloaded by the manufacturers.
  • Once you open the app. Select This is my new device.
  • Now Tap next. If you want to retrieve data from your Google drive, Enter you Google account details, and give the permission.

(If you backed up your content on MicroSD card on your old device, then select Use Another Method).

  • After you have logged in. The App will show you the backups available that can be restored on your new Blackberry Priv.
  • Now if you used password to on your backup. The app will prompt you to enter password. Enter the password and move on to next step.
  • Once you are done with the transfer. You can remove the backup from your SD card or Google Drive by selecting an option of Remove Transfer files.

That’s it, if you have any problem regarding how to transfer data from old blackberry to Blackberry priv. Ask us in the comments, we will love to help you out. If you have any issue regarding your new Blackberry priv you can ask us in the comments.