Turn off Capacitive buttons light on S6:

The two Capacitive buttons light on either side of home button of s6 can be really annoying at times, mostly when its dark in room and it keeps on flashing in your eyes.

The issue with the capacitive buttons is that it stays on for 1.5 seconds when you touch or unlock the screen. In dark, after unlocking the screen sometimes you can even locate the buttons when the capacitive button lights are off.

Samsung has introduced a feature in touchwiz and some carriers have option to adjust it. Although in the previous flagship of Galaxy S series that was Galaxy S5, there was an option to change the settings and it has features like turn on lights for 1.5 seconds when the screen is touch, 3 seconds or always on when the screen is on.

But in Galaxy S6 this feature is completely removed, only smartphones AT&T carrier have this feature to change the settings of Capacitive lights.

Turn off Capacitive buttons light on S6:

Once you touch the screen of S6 capacitive button lights turn on but just for one and a half second, some people want it on for more time, and some want it completely off as it is annoying in the dark.

AT&T has feature to change the settings of capacitive lights on S6, but if you are on some other carrier you will have to download an app that can help you with changing settings of capacitive.

Now if you’re on AT&T and using Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge follow the below steps to change settings of button lights.

  • Go to Settings -> Display
  • Tap on Key Light Duration.
  • Select between the options (1.5 seconds,6 seconds, Always on, Always off).

Alternative Methods

If you are on some other carrier and using Galaxy S6, First of all download the following app:

Above linked app will let you change the settings  and turn off capacitive buttons light on S6. The app is very light weight and it has number of features as in the screenshot below. Although it is made for Galaxy S6, but it works with all other galaxy smartphones.

turn off Capacitive buttons light on S6

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