Apple is encouraging its users to recycle their old devices, Apple has recently posted some Exclusive Nature wallpapers for iOS that are not present in the list of default iOS wallpapers.

There are three new Exclusive Nature wallpapers for iOS which are designed by graphic artist Anthony Burrill, which are exclusively for the users who opt to recycle their Apple devices. Recycling will give a chance for the devices to be used again and it will keep the electronic waste out of landfills.

There are three new wallpapers released by Apple on their official site which can be downloaded for the iOS devices from the Apple website. Following are the screenshots of the wallpapers but you can download them for your device in high resolution from here.

Exclusive Nature Wallpapers for iOS

The wallpapers are available in optimal sizes for iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad pro and iPhone 5. Most probably these wallpapers will be also compatible with the latest upcoming flagship of Apple, iPhone SE. These wallpapers are also present for iPhone 6, 6S and iPhone 6+.

Most probably in the future these wallpapers will come with the iOS 10 or next iteration of iOS. Surprisingly, these wallpapers were not present in the recently released iOS 9.3. Although iOS 9.3 has many new features most notable being the Night shift. It adjusts the color temperature of the screen over the course of the day, gradually reducing the amount of blue light the iOS display emits daylight ends. Although the screen looks yellow, but it has night benefits.

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