install android n on xperia z3

Recently Google announced developers preview of Android N for just bunch of devices to test its upcoming operating system. The nexus devices got the update in the first week of its announcement. Recently Android N is also released for testing on Xperia Z3. Currently only D6603 and D6653 are in line to test the developer preview of Android N. In the below guide I will be briefing you on How to Install Android N on Xperia Z3.

Install Android N on Xperia Z3

What’s new in Android N?

Following are the few new features introduced by Google in their latest upcoming operating system Android N.

Efficient Operating System: Android N offers new and improved Doze that helps you save more power by reducing the amount of processing done by the hardware. There are new projects working relentlessly to decrease the memory consumption of Android.

Direct reply to notifications: Android N has a new feature that allows you to directly reply to the notifcations without leaving the current app.

Group Messaging : New feature to group message together and then the users can take action all at one place.

Multi Window Support: Now you can open two apps at once on the main interface of your Android Phone.

How to Install Android N on Xperia Z3 [Developer Preview]

If you want to get your hands on the latest operating system of Google that is Android N on your Xperia Z3 you will have to have PC Companion Software on your computer.

Following is step to step guide on how to Install Android N on Xperia Z3:

  • After downloading the PC companion software on your PC.
  • Connect your Xperia z3 to your computer using data cable.
  • Now Open the PC companion software. Mostly the software detects the device it self and opens up.
  • Now hold Alt key on your computer and click on Software Repair.
  • Now follow the details on the screen. It will ask you to first disconnect and turn off your Xperia z3.
  • Now reconnect your phone while holding Volume Down key.
  • Now Android N will start flashing on your Xperia Z3.

You can jump back to the your previous operating system by connecting your device to your PC opening Xperia Companion and clicking on Software Repair.

Basic purpose of developer preview is betterment of Android N. So after you are done installing Android N developers preview. Make sure you provide your valuable feedback to the developers. You can also interact with the other developers working on Android N on the official google plus community.

If you have any issue regarding the above guide. Let me know in the comments. Also give us feedback about your expereince of Android N on Xperia Z3.





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