data privacy tips for android

Data privacy is one of the major concern in this era. Reports show how everything is being monitored. Data transfer is very insecure over the internet, it can be easily read by the third party if it is not encrypted. There have been many cases of privacy breach by the individual or government agencies. The spy agencies although the claim that they monitor data to stay informed about everything that is going on. Still, no one wants someone else to read their texts or watch their personal pictures without their consent. Very few people actually take some steps to make sure their personal information over the internet or on their device is not being read or monitored by any third party, But the privacy-conscious folks consider it very important to maintain total privacy or anonymity over the internet. There have been major crimes using other people credentials and credit card details. So it is your responsibility to make sure that your data is secured and no one can access it.

data privacy tips for android

Data Privacy Tips for Android Users

When I moved to a un-rooted android phone. I did some research to maintain anonymity on the internet and to ensure my data isn’t being read or monitored by any third party. I learned to adapt without privacy controls and root features on a non-rooted device. So I want to share some great data privacy tips for android user.

  • Following are some tips that will help you to maintain and ensure privacy on your android device. Following apps will make sure your data is encrypted when it is being transferred over the internet or network. Even if it is being monitored by someone, they won’t be able to take out some meaning out of it or understand what it.
  • To ensure that apps that don’t require internet, don’t have access to it install No-root firewall app on your Android phone or tablet. It blocks the internet for some apps like like games, tools and alarm clock.
  • If the app requires internet, look at the permissions before installing. mainly if its asking for access to ‘contacts’, ‘location’, ‘device ID & call information’, ‘identity’, ‘phone’, ‘microphone’. Not all apps require these permissions.
  • Use greenify app to hibernate non-essential apps from constantly running in the background (just add a shortcut to home screen).
  • Use this guide to disable system and startup apps that consume your battery and processing power while running in the background without your consent.
  • Optional: create new google account specifically for your mobile device and use open sourced “k-9 mail” app for your email (so that other apps cant access your email address).
  • In addition, I would recommend trying out Firefox, since you can install extensions on it that make the web itself more secure. Namely, HTTPS everywhere, Ghostery,Ublock, self destructing cookies and Adblock plus.
  • App ops from google play may work for some devices. Also, LG G3 has a hidden non-root permission manager

Let me know if there is any other tips, I missed out. Also, give us feedback and if you have an query or issue in the above mentioned data privacy tips for android let me know in the comments. You must make sure our data is safe and no one else have access to your personal stuff. Make sure that you are not monitored and your privacy is not being breached. Do implement these data privacy tips on android phone to ensure that.

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