hidden features of galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 is one of the most loved smartphone of 2016. It was released few months back, but people are still storming to buy it. Samsung introduced some new great features in it, which most of the people don’t even know about. In the following post, I will be discussing the hidden features of Galaxy S7 that most of the users don’t even have a clue about.

Hidden Features of Galaxy S7

Following are some hidden features of Galaxy S7 introduced by Samsung, that most of the folks using Galaxy S7 have no clue about.

Auto Reboot

You can schedule your phone for auto reboot. Performance of phone is optimised when you reboot your phone. All you have to do is to go to settings and specify date and time for automatic reboot.

Notification Reminder

In Settings -> Accessibility. You can enable notification reminders for each app. This will display the notification again after specific time once you have dismissed them.

Store App data on External Card

You can free up internal storage by moving your app files to external card. You can access this feature from Application Manager.

Display Scaling

Galaxy S7 allows you to condense the screen, allowing it to display more information. to make use of this feature you will have to download Display Scaling App.

Multiple Lock Screen

You can set multiple wallpapers for your lockscreen which keep on changing on intervals. All you have to do is, select number of pictures for your lock screen wallpaper and your phone will keep on changing wallpapers at regular intervals.

Sound Detectors

You can enable sound detector feature on your Galaxy S7. It gives you option to detect crying baby and doorbell sounds and generate notification if you are using phone to listen to music. It will keep a check and let you know if your attention is needed somewhere.

Easy Screen Turn On

This is one of the most amazing hidden features of Galaxy S7. Once enabled, it allows you to wake up your phone just by waving hand over it.

Assistant Menu

Enable the assistant menu and it will give you quick access to major features of your phones. It will give you a floating menu with instant access to screenshots and notifications and much more.

See the video below to have a look at all the above mentioned hidden features of Galaxy S7.

If you know some other features that you think are hidden and very few people have idea about them let me know in the comments. Also give us feedback regarding these all features mentioned above.


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