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Sales of Galaxy S5 were a nightmare for Samsung. People didn’t appreciate S5 totally. After S5, Samsung completely revamped the design of their flagship series. Samsung Galaxy S6 was completely revamped and it was loved by people. Whereas Samsung Galaxy S5 was a total disaster. Apart from many other issues, one of the most prominent issues is Galaxy S5 microphone and voice quality problem.

Although, the microphone issue in Samsung smartphones is not a something new. Like the camera failed warning which is coming in the inheritance of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Microphone issue is the same hereditary problem. It is mostly caused by the microphone hole being blocked by some dirt or anything.

Although, the only solutions I found over the internet was factory reset. Factory reset can be infuriating at times when you have to back up all your pictures, videos, contacts, texts and password. And it takes a lot of time to make a proper backup on your cloud or PC. I didn’t want to lose all the data present in my Galaxy S5. So, after spending some time to figure out another solution to Galaxy S5 microphone problem. I found the following methods, which proved out to be good enough to solve this problem. And you won’t even lose any of your data from your phone using these methods.

Fix Galaxy S5 Microphone and Voice Quality:

So the methods in this guide are very simple and they won’t delete any of your data. Samsung Galaxy S5 is waterproof and dirt-proof. People take this statement too literally, so they end up blocking Galaxy S5 mic hole.

First of all, you have to check using a flashlight if there is something inside the microphone hole which is present on the bottom side of S5 along with the charging port. Mostly the person at the receiving end of call gets very poor audio quality over call because the mic is unable to receive the audio signals properly.

So get a thin and sharp needle and loosen the dirt inside the hole. Make sure you don’t damage the mic from the needle. Now use a vacuum cleaner or blower to clean the dirt. The dirt stops the sound waves to reach the mic. This will most probably fix Galaxy S5 microphone and bad audio quality problem.

Another thing that you might consider is Noise Reduction. Although this feature is meant to cut down the sounds of the surrounds and background. But it didn’t prove out to be very efficient and because of it sometimes the voice reaching to the other person on the call is in pieces. So turn it off, its better turned off.

Turn off noise reduction to fix Galaxy S5 microphone issue:

  • Click on the Phone icon on Home screen of your S5.
  • Then Go to Keypad.
  • Now tap on the Menu button.
  • Now Select Settings.
  • Call Settings.
  • Additional Settings.
  • Noise Reduction Un-check it.

Another problem that is commonly found in the phones of people who make calls using the left hand. Their little finger covers the microphone hole and they don’t even realize this.

Above mentioned methods will most likely solve the Galaxy S5 microphone issue. If the voice quality is still poor. Go for a hard reset. If even that doesn’t fix this mic problem in Samsung Galaxy S5. Then maybe there is some hardware problem that is very unlikely. Mostly the problem is debris getting stuck inside the microphone hole. Gently clean it and make sure you don’t damage the mic in that process.

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If you have any confusion or question regarding the guide above feel free to ask me in the comments and if you were lucky enough to solve the problem from the above-mentioned solutions then do give us feedback. Also if you know some other solution of this S5 audio quality and mic problem. So let us know.

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Thank you. Checking off the noise reduction worked!

EB Barks
EB Barks

thank you, cleaning the two mic jacks worked! saved me from buying a phone.