If you were eager to root your Galaxy S7 at a time and now you want to go back to factory settings and stock firmware? Well, there is a guide with all the methods available to unroot Galaxy S7 Edge to get OTA updates.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is the latest flagship of Samsung Galaxy series. It has everything to stand as the best smartphone of 2016. Its specs are amazing. Its look along with feel is peerless. It can be named as the most handsome smartphone of this year. Samsung released two versions of Galaxy S7. One is running on Snapdragon 820 and the other one is running on Samsung’s own Exynos 8890 processor. There is also 4GB of ram to support the processing. It has a magnificent 12-megapixel camera. The screen size of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is 5.5 inch. Which makes it very comfortable to use it with one hand.

Enough of the praise now let us move on the real deal. Today, I will tell you all two methods available to unroot Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. The first method is relatively easy and you don’t need much time and preparation for it. Another one is a little bit long but it does the same job.

How to Unroot Galaxy S7 Edge using SuperSU:

This is the first and easy method. But in order to make it work, you must have rooted your Galaxy Edge using SuperSU. Sometimes it may not even work. SuperSu might fail to unroot your phone. Then you will have to make use of the other method under the next heading.

Now if you want to Unroot Galaxy S7 edge via SuperSU follow the steps below:

  • First of all, locate the SuperSu app in the app drawer of your phone.
  • Open it and select Full Unroot.Unroot Samsung galaxy S7 edge
  • Tap on it. You will get a warning that if unrooting succeeds. The app will close itself.
  • Now reboot your Galaxy S7.

There is another app named as Universal Unroot. Give it a try it might help you to unroot your phone if the above method failed.

There are times when unroot apps fail to unroot Android phone. Although, they give you a message that your phone is successfully unrooted. Still, your phone is rooted and you don’t get the OTA updates. If same is the case with you then unroot Galaxy S7 Edge via below method.

How to Unroot Galaxy S7 Edge by Flashing stock ROM using ODIN:

If the above method was not successful or your want clean stock firmware then follow the guide below. In the below method, I will guide you on how to flash stock firmware on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Flashing stock firmware makes your phone new as it was when you pulled it out of the box. It will solve all the problems related to software.  But there is one down point it might erase all the data present on your Galaxy S7 Edge.

Now let us move on to the method on how to flash stock firmware to unroot Galaxy S7 edge.


  • Download  ODIN V3.12.3.
  • From here Download Stock Firmware for your S7 from SamMobile.
  • Download Samsung Drivers for Windows. (Link to download file is under the main heading)These drivers are to be installed on your PC, they are essential for your PC to recognize your device properly.
  • You will need a computer for this solution.
  • It might delete all the data present in your phone. So its better to backup using this guide.

Important! : Before Moving forward please make sure KIES is not running on your PC or is not present in the system taskbar tray.

Make sure you have got the right firmware for your phone. If your phone is carrier unlocked and it is not branded you can use any carrier free (unbranded) firmware from the link above. Now how to check if your phone is branded or not. If the logo or any carrier appears when you start your phone then its branded, if only Samsung logo appears when you reboot your phone then it’s clean. The most noteworthy thing is that you make sure you don’t flash unbranded ROM on a branded phone and vice versa.

Now let’s move on to the guide on how to flash stock ROM to unroot Samsung Galaxy S7:

  1. First of all, download ODIN on your PC.
  2. Samsung USB drivers for windows on your PC.
  3. Download the right ROM for your phone and extract it on your desktop or anywhere it is easily accessible. Extract the .zip file to get .tar or .tar.md5 file.
  4. Now turn off your Galaxy S7.
  5. Get it into Download mode:
    • Press Volume Down, Power button and Home Button simultaneously.
    • Keep on holding buttons till you see a warning.
    • Press Volume up button to continue.
  6. Now open ODIN on your Windows PC.
  7. Connect your Galaxy S7 with your PC via data cable.  The ID:COM section will turn blue, like in the screenshot below. It is an indication that the PC has recognized your device.Unroot Samsung galaxy S7 edge
  8. Click on AP or in some ODIN versions PDA.
  9. After that, locate and select the stock firmware you downloaded for your phone.
  10. If the firmware you downloaded extracts more than one file, then select the corresponding section according to file type BL belongs to Bootloader, AP belongs to PDA, CP belongs to Phone(Modem) and select CSC file in CSC tab. ( Mostly you just need to select AP/PDA file like in the screenshot below)
  11. Make sure only Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time are checked in the options. DO NOT CHECK REPARTITION.
  12. Click on Start.
  13. Now, wait for 4-5 minutes. Don’t disconnect your phone from your PC while ODIN is flashing because it can brick your phone. Wait even if it takes time.
  14. Finally, when the flashing will complete your S7 phone will reboot.

Once your phone is rebooted. It will be running on factory settings and it won’t be rooted. You will be able to get OTA updates and security patches from Samsung.

If you have any issues while performing the guides above on how to unroot Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Let me know in the comments. If you have any confusion or any hesitation feel free to ask me via facebook. I will get back to you as soon as possible.