Google Contacts Sync on Huawei Honor 6X

Huawei Honor 6X is one of the most loved phone of 2016. It has everything to be one of the best phone, but its price is almost half as compared to the top tier phones of each smartphone manufacturer like Samsung, LG and Apple. Honor 6X was released in last quarter of 2016. If you are using the Chinese variant, you might have noticed that your Gmail contacts and calendar is not synced with your phone. And same is the case in another way around. In this guide, I will tell you a very easy method to fix Google contacts sync on Huawei Honor 6x Chinese variant.

Honor 6X has dual lens camera. It comes with two version. One is equipped with 3 GB Ram along with octa-core CPU and the other one has got 4 GB Ram. The battery timing of honor 6X is amazing. It is of 3340 mAh. The screen size is of 5.5 inch. And it has one of the fastest fingerprint unlocking which takes only 0.3 seconds.

How to Fix Google Contacts Sync on Huawei Honor 6X Chinese Variant:

All the guys who are using Chinese variant which includes AL10 and AL20. EMUI (Operating system of Honor 6X) does not come with all the google services. So most phones don’t sync contacts from Gmail to your phone.

Looking into the problem, I figured out many Huawei phones are facing same google sync issue. Even in the Huawei Mate 8 and Huawei P9 Google sync does not work. This problem arises in the latest EMUI.

Moving on the problem and its solution. It just takes few steps to fix Google contacts sync on Huawei Honor 6X, which are as following:

The Chinese variant comes with a version of Google Contacts Sync that has had issues. You just have to uninstall it and download the earlier version.

  1. First of all on your Huawei Honor 6X.
  2. Open Huawei App Store (HiApp)
  3. Search for Google Contact Sync. It would be version 6.0-xxxxx. The other one which comes pre-installed is 7.1.2
  4. Install it. You might have to uninstall the latest version to install the previous version.

Note: If you can’t find it in the HiApp. Download Google contacts sync APK from here.

Once installed, make sure you turn off auto update for this app and don’t update it manually.

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A friend of mine had the same issue. He Installed Google contacts Sync from the APK above. It’s been 40 days, there isn’t any issue of Google contact sync on Huawei honor 6x. Once installed just don’t update it.

That’s all, I hope this guide fixed Google contacts sync on Huawei Honor 6X. If you have any confusion or issue. Feel free to ask me in the comments. If you know some other solution to this problem. Do share with us.