Apple users barely come across software or hardware issues on their iPhones and Macbooks. When they come across issues, there is very little help available online and through peers. As the devices are very durable and seldom run into problems. Therefore, there aren’t many forums where you can talk about issues in iPhones or Macs and their solution. For example, I came across an error on iPhone running on iOS 13. It wouldn’t make any calls, even via Whatsapp. Sending voice notes via WhatsApp would give an error as well.  You come across errors like “You cannot place a WhatsApp call if you are already on another call.” Following are the methods that I applied to fix iPhone unable to make calls on iOS 13.1.

iPhone unable to make calls on iOS 13

Fix iPhone unable to make calls on iOS 13.1:

First of all, you need to restart your iPhone. Turn on and off Airplane mode. If the problem was caused because of inconsistencies caused by the new update. The restart will fix it.

The next thing to try is to Reset Network Settings in the Settings menu.

Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.

This will delete all the WiFi network profiles on your phone. You will have to enter the passwords of all the WiFi networks in order to connect to them. Also, if you were connected to a WiFi network that required a network certificate. Just like EduRoam requires. You will have to set up the network again in order for it to work.

This will probably fix the iPhone unable to make calls. Usually, it’s some cache or problem in the software that is causing these issues.

Next thing to try is to go to General -> Settings -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.

iPhone unable to make calls

If your iPhone is still having issues in making calls or attending calls. You can not even make calls on Facetime using your iPhone. The last resort is a Factory reset. It’s the last assortment that will allow you to decide if the issue is in software or some hardware is not functioning well. The hardware issue can be the malfunction of the audio box of the iPhone.

You can Factory Reset your phone from the Settings. If you don’t mind losing all the data in your iPhone, just go for it. Otherwise, make sure all your data is uploaded on iCloud. If you have a lot of pictures and videos. iCloud is not enough to make a backup of your iPhone on the cloud. In this case, you can use the guide below to backup your data on your Windows PC or Macbook.

Backup your iPhone on PC and Factory Reset iPhone using iTunes:

In order to Factory reset your iPhone to fix unable to make calls. You will need to have a few pre-requisites.

You need the following things:

  • A windows PC or Macbook.
  • A lightning cable (Your iPhone charging cable)
  • iTunes (Download it from here on your Windows PC or Macbook)
  • Your iPhone
Once you have all the pre-requisites ready. Follow the guide below to fix iPhone unable to make calls, send voice messages, and Facetime:
  1. First of all, download iTunes on your Windows PC or Macbook.
  2. Once installed, connect your iPhone with your computer using the lightning cable.
  3. Once your iPhone is connected, your iTunes will detect it. You will be asked on the iPhone if you trust this computer as well as on your computer. If you want to allow access to the data on the computer, you will also have to enter your passcode. After that, you will be able to see all the information about your iPhone on your screen.
  4. Now on your screen, you will see the option to backup like in the screenshot below.iPhone unable to make calls
  5. Back up your iPhone on your computer using iTunes. Once the backup is done, resort back to your iPhone.
  6. On your iPhone, go to Setting -> General -> Erase All Content and Settings.
  7. Once your iPhone is reset, you will have an option to either start iPhone as a new phone or restore from the backup you just created on the computer.
  8. Whichever option you select, after setting up your phone. You will have an option to test if your iPhone is able to make calls now or not.
  9. If you select the option “Start iPhone as new.” You test the phone, and now it is working. You can reset your iPhone from the settings again. This time while setting up your iPhone. Connect it with your computer. On your computer, you will have an option to restore the backup you just created on your PC or Macbook.

If your iPhone is now fixed, you can make calls and send voice again. It proves that the issue was in the software, and it is solved. Or even after all the hustle, you are still unable to make calls from your iPhone, then the problem lies in the hardware. Most probably the audio box of your iPhone. You can get it fixed from Apple product maintenance workshops or other mobile phone repair shops. You can also call iPhone customer support. If you want, you can find the number for your country on their customer support website.

That is all from my side. I hope this guide helped you to fix iPhone unable to make calls on iOS 13. if you have any questions or queries, drop a comment below. You can also contact us on our social networks or via the email provided below.

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