iPhone heating up after ios 14 update

The new iOS 14 comes with a completely revamped interface. The apps are grouped based on frequent use, making it easier to locate your favorite apps. The widgets are now on the home screen, which gives information at a glance. You also can customize the size of groups and icons according to your preference. iOS 14 has also introduced picture in picture mode, which allows you to browse other apps while you are on Facetime call. There’s a lot more to the new and exciting iPhone operating system. If you have just updated to the latest OS and face issues on your iPhone, we will talk about their solution in this guide. Specifically how to fix iPhone heating up after iOS 14 update.

iPad and iPhone on iOS 14:

Along with the grouping of icons, several new features are introduced in iOS 14. While you are on a call, either facetime or regular call over the network, the call interface won’t take a full screen of your iPhone. You can also pin chat icons of your favorite person on the home screen, so sending texts to them is easily accessible. The maps app is also improvised, and cycling paths are also added to the new app. A new translation app is introduced, which allows real-time translation of conversations. All you have to do is turn your phone sideways and tap on the microphone icon to talk. Siri is also improved. You can also set the display lights’ color temperature according to the time of the day.

Guide to fix iPhone heating up after iOS 14 update:

Usually, the new operating system, along with the cache of the previous operating system, makes the iPhone acts in an unorthodox manner. As a result, you can experience irregular behavior on your phone. The most common issues are iPhone heating up after iOS 14 and the WiFi not working properly.

In this guide, we will discuss all the potential solutions of iPhone heating up on iOS 14:
  • First and foremost, the most viable solution is to restart your iPhone. Restarting has proved to fix the issue most of the time.
  • The next thing to try is to Reset Network Settings in the Settings menu.
    • Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.
    • This will delete all the WiFi network profiles on your phone. You will have to enter the passwords of all the WiFi networks in order to connect to them. Also, if you were connected to a WiFi network that required a network certificate. Just like EduRoam requires. You will have to set up the network again in order for it to work.
  • Next thing to try is to go to General -> Settings -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.
    • This won’t delete the data present on your iPhone.

Even if this didn’t fix the issues on your iPhone, it is time to factory reset your phone. Factory reset will delete all the data present in your iPhone. So if you are going for this option. Make sure your data is backed up on the iCloud, or you can backup your data on iTunes by connecting your phone to your Windows PC or Macbook.

Backup your data on your Windows PC or Macbook:

  1. In order to backup your data on your MacBook or PC.
  2. Download iTunes.
  3. Connect your iPhone to your PC using the lightning cable.
  4. Open iTunes and permit it to access your phone. Then, on your phone, enable your laptop to access the data.
  5. Now on the screen, you will see the Backup option. Use this option to save all your data on your Windows PC or Macbook.

Once you have factory reset your iPhone. You can connect your phone to your iPhone to your laptop once again and restore the data on your iPhone. You will have to use the option “Restore from iTunes Backup.”

I hope this guide helped you to fix iPhone heating up after the iOS 14 update. If you have any questions or queries, write to us in the comments or reach out to us using social networks.

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