Delete Samsung Cloud Data on Galaxy S8

Cloud storage comes hand in hand with smartphones. It is deemed necessary, it has all the reasons to be. The ability to store, all the data including pictures, videos, notes, messages, apps and contacts is not only very practical but important as well. There was a time when losing a phone meant losing precious memories.

The only reason people wouldn’t change a phone was the inability to move data from one phone to another. Cloud storage has solved it all. Now all you have to do is to get a new phone and sign in with your Samsung account. All the data would be moved to the new phone. With great comfort comes responsibility. To clean and manage the cloud storage. In this guide, we will deal with the management of data on Samsung Cloud. I have written a step to step guide to manage and delete Samsung cloud data on Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones are known for their build quality and durable hardware from its advent. Its been more than a decade since the inception of Smartphones and Samsung is still standing its ground as the number one manufacturer of Android phones. The company is keeping up with the latest features and trends. The latest trend is introducing a number of top-notch lenses that allow users to take impressive pictures with up to 100x zoom via smartphones. Not even that, now using your Samsung phone you can take high-quality pictures at very dim or no light using night sight. Alongside, you can even test your Astrophotography skills.

Samsung Cloud:

All these pictures and videos take loads of space. a time comes when your phone can no longer hold more stuff. So the time comes for cloud storage with regular backup. Samsung has allocated each of its Galaxy smartphone user 15 GB of free cloud storage, that can be used to store all your data in the cloud. You can purchase more storage if you are running out of space. If you exceed the allocated storage limit, more storage comes at a price.

Using this guide you can delete Samsung cloud data on Galaxy smartphones to fit in more stuff. If the auto-backup feature is enabled, each and every picture or video is backed up and stored on Samsung Cloud. Online cloud storage can be really handy if you plan on changing your phone or you frequently swap phones. Online cloud storage means, if your phone is lost or stolen, the data is secure and can be restored on a new phone. If you change your phone, you can easily transfer all the data to the new phone without much hustle.

  • You can buy additional space by going to Settings -> Accounts and Cloud -> Samsung Cloud -> Manage Storage.
  • In this menu, select the storage plan you want to upgrade to.

Delete Samsung Cloud Data on Galaxy S8

Delete Samsung Cloud Data on Galaxy S or Note Series phone:

If you are getting annoying messages all the time that your cloud storage is full and your phone cannot be backed up for that reason. We will go through a method that can be used to manage the cloud data. If need be delete Samsung cloud data to make space. You can either delete all the data present on your cloud and start from a new beginning. Or you can individually select the pictures of videos that you want to remove from your Samsung cloud.

Although, 15GB sounds like a lot of space and chances are rare that you will get short of storage. Still, considering the size of pictures taken from top-notch cameras with high megapixels will suck up all that storage very soon. If you want to make space on the Samsung cloud, follow the guide below:

  1. First, go to Settings Menu.
  2. Locate Cloud and Accounts.
  3. Select Samsung Cloud.
  4. Now tap on Manage Cloud Storage.
  5. Here you will find all the data present on your Samsung Cloud. Including pictures and videos. Select Gallery Data
  6. Furthermore, you can select an individual picture or video and tap Delete to remove them from Samsung Cloud.
  7. If you want to delete all the data present in your Samsung Cloud, select remove from the Samsung account and all the gallery data will be removed from the cloud.

Don’t¬†worry, the gallery data including pictures won’t be removed¬†from the internal storage of your Galaxy S8. It will be only removed from the cloud storage.

Samsung Galaxy S series is the flagship series. Samsung smartphones are known for their looks and feel. They stand as the best-looking Android smartphones. The sleek and stylish look makes them stand out from its competitors. The Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones come in different sizes. The standard model, either its Galaxy S10, S20 or S21 fits so perfectly in one hand, although inside, it contains the processing power of a computer. Using it with one hand is so easy.

Lastly, if you have any questions or queries regarding how to delete Samsung cloud data on Samsung Galaxy Phones. Feel free to ask me in the comments. You can read more about Samsung cloud from here.

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