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Tiktok is the number one entertainment app around the world since last year. It allows the users to create short video clips and upload them on the app for the world to watch. From tips and tricks on lifestyle to fashion, cars, psychology, be it any field. You would find amazing content on TikTok from the millions of content creators from around the world. The boost in the users of TikTok came in the past few years, now even in the remote areas of the world. People are creating and uploading funny and informative videos. The reach of those videos is amazing, reaching around the world. TikTok gives a platform to the non-techs savvy and people with limited access to computers and the internet to reach audiences worldwide. In this guide, we talk about how to join TikTok creator fund even if it’s not available in your country.

TikTok is being used in over 150 countries with around 1 billion users, which includes content creates and audience. It’s a huge space for marketing, advertising, and data collection. TikTok is already banned in several countries, being framed to collect and use data of the users. Some call it to cut down the market share and influence of Tiktok. And others call it an attempt to kill the competition of social media market from Facebook, Instagram, and the likes of it.

What is Creator Fund, and Who is eligible for it?

In July 2020, Tiktok started a program to help and fund quality content creators with monetary funds. It is just a gesture of support from TikTok to the great content creators. I believe it’s a great token of appreciation for thousands of content creators who put loads of effort and hard work into each video. Which, in turn, helps to entertain or educate millions of people from around the world.

Initially, I found it very surprising that TikTok does not share the revenue generated from the ads with the content creators, just as in YouTube. However, I am happy that they have at least taken a step to support the creators with money, not just words. Now the content creators can earn money from TikTok videos.

As mentioned above, in order to join TikTok creator fund, you need to comply with some conditions. Which are as follows:

  • You have to be at least 18 years of age.
  • The account must be from the US, France, UK, Germany, Italy, or Spain.
  • You need to have a minimum of 10k followers on TikTok.
  • Your videos and clips should have had 100K views in the past month.
  • Alongside, you will need a TikTok Pro or Creator account.

All the other conditions make sense and can be achieved through hard work and consistency with great content. The condition of being from the mentioned countries of the UK, US, Spain, Italy or Germany. This is a problem,  once cant just change their country for a TikTok account, or no one has any control over being born in a specific country with a specific nationality. So we will give you a trick that will allow you to change your content location, audience location and apply for TikTok creator fund.

How to Apply for TikTok Creator Fund:

  1. First of all, you need to switch your account to a TikTok pro or creator account.
  2. Now go to your Account setting and locate “Creator Tools.”
  3. Here within, you will see “TikTok Creator Fund.” Sign up for it.

Join TikTok Creator Fund from other country

Once you have signed up, your earning wouldn’t be solely dependent upon the number of views your videos are getting; there are other factors, including adhering to community rules and creating quality content. Once you have enough funds, you can cash them into your PayPal account. You can also use your Zelle account to withdraw your creator funds. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10€.

Suppose you are not from any of the countries mentioned above. Then, you won’t see this option to join the creator fund.

Join TikTok Creator Fund even if it’s not available in your Country:

So if you qualify for all the mentioned criteria but the only problem is your location. You can use the following trick to change the country of Tiktok to join the Tiktok creator fund even if it’s not available for you.

Remember that once you change the country of TikTok. All the content that you see will be from the target country, and the content that you share will be to the audience of the country your TikTik is currently locked to.

In order to access the content of a specific area and change your TikTok country. All you need is a sim card from that specific country. For example, if you live in Denmark, but you want to have access to the audience of the USA. You will need a sim card from the US. It does not matter if the sim card works or not. Just inserting the sim card into the phone will do the job. You can read more about changing the location of TikTok here.

That is all from our side, I hope this guide helped you to access the TikTok creator fund, and you are now getting paid for your work. If you have any questions regarding the guide above. Feel free to write to us via “Contact us email” or social media. You can also just drop a comment below.

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