Fix Google Pixel 6 Stuck in Bootloop after Update

The new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro stand out from all other phones of 2021 when it comes to looks and performance. However, the new phone with a new TensorFlow chip also comes with a few problems, which Google is looking at and hopefully will be solved soon. If you encounter software issues on your phone after a software update or randomly, your Google Pixel 6 is stuck in the boot loop. You can use this guide to install stock firmware to fix it.

Bootloop occurs when your phone is unable to boot up the software, which in this case is Android 12. The inability to load the software leads to your phone being stuck on Google’s screen at startup. The solution to this problem is installing new firmware. In most cases, the operating system is corrupted somehow. That’s why your phone’s hardware is unable to load it. So, if you are in the same boat, and your Google Pixel 6 is stuck in bootloop after an update or just randomly, let’s move on to the guide to install stock firmware on Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro.

First things first, I assume you have already tried to factory reset your phone before coming here to fix the bootloop. Although it will delete the data present in your phone yet, it is one of the most straightforward fixes for a bootloop. If that does not work, then proceed with this guide. Know that installing stock firmware as well as a factory reset is necessary. Both would delete all the data present on your phone. So, if you are reluctant to factory reset your phone just because you would lose your data. This method would also delete all the data present in your Google Pixel. I hope you backed up all your data with your Google account, which is pretty straightforward and typical practice in Pixel devices.

Guide on how to install Stock firmware on Google Pixel 6 to fix bootloop:

There are two methods that can be used to install stock firmware on Google Pixel devices. The one is relatively easy and done via Android Flash Tool, an official tool that Google provides to install firmware on its devices. The catch is that it will only work if the USB debugging is turned on your phone before it gets stuck in a bootloop. Or you would have to enable USB debugging via ADB commands. The second method is via ADB. In that method, we sideload the firmware on the Pixel device via ADB commands. You can find a guide on how to do it here. Just use the firmware of Pixel 6 instead of the ones mentioned in that guide.

Note: This guide works with all Google Pixel phones. The guide is the same even if you have a Google Pixel 6 Pro or any other Pixel device.

Install Stock Firmware on Google Pixel 6 to Fix Bootloop via Android Flash Tool:

  1. First, the prerequisites: You should have the USB debugging turned on from your phone’s Developer settings. If it’s not the case and your phone is stuck in bootloop. Unfortunately, you can’t proceed with this method. Instead, try the other method via ADB commands.
  2. If you still have access to your phone settings. You can turn on OEM unlocking and USB debugging by going to Settings -> Developer Options -> Enable USB Debugging and OEM unlocking, as in the screenshot below.Google Pixel 6 stuck in bootloop
  3. Suppose you don’t see Developer Options in the System Settings. Go to Settings -> About phone -> Tap on Build Number 7-10 times.
  4. The next step is to install the Android USB drivers on your Windows PC for your PC to recognize your Google Pixel 6.
  5. Download and install the Android USB drivers from here.

Once you have installed the drivers, you are ready to proceed with installing stock firmware on Google Pixel to fix the Bootloop.

The process is as follows. First, you would connect your phone to your PC, select the appropriate software/operating system for your Google Pixel Device and install it on your device. The whole process would hardly take 15 minutes.

  1. Once the USB drivers are installed, connect your phone to your PC via Data Cable and head to the Android Flash Tool Website.
  2. Start the process by clicking on get started or adding your device.
  3. Once you have connected your device and, it’s recognized. Add it to the flash tool. You would get a prompt on your phone asking you to give USB debugging access to your computer. Give access.
  4. Now, you have multiple options on which firmware or build you want to flash on your Pixel Phone. Suppose a specific build has caused the Bootloop on your phone. For example, the December build caused problems for many Pixel 6 users. You might want to avoid it and download and install the November build.
  5. Now, the flashing will proceed. Ensure your computer is connected with a good internet connection while the flashing is going on, as your computer will download and install the firmware, which is sized in GBs.

Google Pixel 6 stuck in bootloop

Once the flashing is completed, your phone will restart. After the restart, your phone will boot normally. It will as you pick it out of the box. New operating system and everything. Set it up, and you are good to go.

If you have questions regarding how to flash stock firmware to fix Google Pixel 6 stuck in bootloop at startup. Write to us or drop a comment below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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