How Video Content Can Help In Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing agencies that are not actively using video content are not setting up their clients for success. Almost 245 million video content viewers are actively consuming content across platforms in the US alone. 

The majority of digital marketing agencies use video marketing and feel that it yields a high Return on Investment (ROI). Videos can be used for many marketing objectives like branding, lead generation, and direct sales.

Several people buying products are directly or indirectly influenced by the video content they see. If you look at the science of how the brain processes information, video content has the highest engagement and recall.

Let’s now see how to use this super-powerful marketing tool on one of the most popular social media platforms, YouTube.

Social Media Maximizes Reach of Video Content 

Social media platforms build tools and features to make it easy to create and publish video content. With features like auto-captions, it is clear that social media is taking this format of content seriously.

Most innovations in technology for content creation are also emerging in video format. Some examples are surfacing the right content, recommending similar content, automatically tracking preferences, etc., are some examples.

Another area where companies are innovating is compressing large video files without losing their quality. This takes away the pressure of investing in high-end equipment and software.

There is a Platform for Every Video Format

If you follow the growth of social media, you will realize that short-form video is the most popular. This format takes the lion’s share of all types of video content consumed for entertainment.

The popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels is an excellent example of this. Infinite scroll of the video after video, entertaining and informing keeps viewers glued to their devices. Therefore, knowing how to create videos for this niche is essential for social media success.

While short-form videos are the craze now, it not the only popular format. YouTube, for example, works better if the videos are longer. Similarly, Facebook has been encouraging content creators to use long videos.

If you are using a social media platform like Twitter, you should use the embedding feature. This feature allows content creators to embed their YouTube videos into their Twitter feed.

Content creators should obsess over publishing and promoting videos on all social media platforms. These platforms have fine-tuned the art of showing the right video to the suitable viewer. This makes the dream of every curator of going viral real and easy.

Videos Get an Unbelievable Boost on Social Media

Trends are the most powerful patterns that lead to successful optimizations. Trends also lead to videos becoming viral. Social media has done a business out of turning videos viral. A catchy tune, a simple dance step, a witty comment, anything can go viral instantly.

This, in large part, is achieved by allowing creators to reuse original video material without violating copyrights. This offshoot content increases the reach of the original idea and reaches more viewers than possible before.

You can tweak your videos further by using an online video maker to make them more appealing to your viewers. 

The Young Like Social Media, They Like Videos

A platform is all about content and the audience that consumes it. Social media has a disproportionate amount of the younger generation consuming content. This generation is important as in a few years. They will be the earning class buying products.

If this is the target audience, it is imperative to build content in their preferred format. Study after study shows that video content is the most popular format for this demographic. 

Videos are Reusable

Most marketers now advertise and market their products across multiple social media platforms. The marketing material needs to be compatible and reusable across platforms for this to be possible. 

If the marketing material is not compatible and you cannot reuse it, the production cost of videos will reduce the overall ROI. Most social media content is viewed on mobile phones. However, if you track YouTube statistics, people increasingly view YouTube videos on smart TVs. 

This increases the pressure on compatible formats across a wide variety of devices. Videos are easy to reuse on different social media platforms and viewed by their viewers on various devices.

Video Sells Better on Social Media

All social media platforms want to monetize their products. The easiest way to do that is to measure if the content on their platform sells more. Videos show the product in its physical, most natural form. 

They take away the need for the user to imagine the product and help relate to these like in real life. So, naturally, they sell better than any other form of content. This makes video content, especially for selling products, the most optimal format for social media.

Simple Truth – People Like Watching Videos on Social Media

Let’s face the hard truth. We enjoy watching videos on social media. If you are wondering if it is just you who spends hours scrolling video after video, you are not alone. 

People genuinely like watching videos. This is backed by neurological studies that show content that moves and holds peoples’ attention. Overall, content that moves and replicates real life makes them pay attention to the message. 

With smartphones now having large screens and being available to everyone, watching videos is easier than ever. Added to this, the ever-reducing price of data and the Internet makes watching videos easy.

Most of the earth’s population has a smartphone, is on social media, and likes watching videos. Therefore, there is no other reason to convince that video content truly helps social media marketing.


Everyone knows that social media is now the King and Queen of the Internet. Any digital advertising agency or a marketer worth their salt advertises on social media. As a result, these platforms are integral to today’s marketing strategies.

There is the number of people spending an astonishing number of hours on these platforms. When the target audience is on social media, marketing has to share their messages there.

The most popular format of content consumed on social media is video. Therefore, any social media strategy must invest in video content to amplify its message. Whether you are convinced, create video content for social media marketing. This is the only way to reach your target audience affordably.

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