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Apple is using flat edged look for the entire iPhone 13 series. The iPhone 13 model has almost the same body design as the iPhone 12 model. They feature an all-glass front and a colorful all-glass back that is housed in a color-matched aluminum frame. The iPhone 13 series has a new processor, a large battery, and better camera hardware and software. Apple launched iPhone 13 more potent than its android competitors because of its 5G-ready A15 Bionic chip. Some people have reported iPhone 13 Battery Drain on the new iOS 16; this guide will deal with its solution.

Fix iPhone 13 Battery Drain on iOS 16:

Most iPhone users who recently installed the iOS 16 update said that their battery life is draining much faster than before.
If you are experiencing rapid battery drain on an iPhone after installing ios 16, there must be a reason for that. So let’s discuss the following reasons and their solutions.

Spotlight And Photos Indexing Draining Battery Life:

If you recently updated to iOS 16 and notice that the battery life of your iPhone is much worse than before, it is because indexing activity goes on in the background.
When you update iOS system software, background tasks are triggered. This includes everything from spotlight reindexing on your phone, including notes, photos, and app data. Unfortunately, the background tasks and indexing procedure take up power and consume battery while running in the background.
The more stuff you have on your iPhone, the longer time indexing process will take. For example, if you updated to iOS 16, the battery drains fast. The best thing you can do is simply wait. Depending on what is in your iPhone, it may take an hour or maybe a few days, but it will sort out itself, and you will be back to a standard battery.

Install App Updates:

  • Some apps on iPhones are leading to an increase in battery usage. So keeping them up to date is the other way to ensure that any issue like that is resolved.
  • Open the App store.
  • Tap Apple ID Profile.
  • Then scroll down to find the updates section.
  • Install updates for all Apps.

Find Exactly Which Apps Are Using Battery:

The settings app on your iPhone will tell you which apps are using the battery of your iPhone, and it’s the best feature for monitoring iPhone 13 battery drain.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Battery.
  • You will see the list of apps where your battery is being used.

Turn Off Background App Refresh:

The background app refresh updates all the apps in the background when not in use; this feature allows apps to use the battery in the background. Turning off the background app refresh feature on your iPhone will stop the working of the Apps.

  • Go to Settings App.
  • General.
  • Background App Refresh.
  • Switch to the Off position.

You may notice an improved battery life when this feature is turned off.

Use Low Power Mode To Prolong Battery Life:

The low power mode is a valuable feature that reserves background activity and other processes on the iPhone to extend the battery life. This can help to extend the battery life. It will also pause some tasks that allow your battery life to return to normal.

Enable Low Power Mode:
  • Setting > Battery > Low Power Mode.

Force Restart The iPhone:

Sometimes restarting your iPhone can resolve battery issues. You can force restart any modern iPhone with face ID by pressing Volume Up, Volume Down, and holding the side power button until you see the Apple Logo on the screen.

Turn off Keyboard Haptic:

The iPhone keyboard haptic feedback feature is one of the most remarkable new features in iOS 16, but it can also cause the iPhone 13 battery to drain faster. This is because it uses more energy to trigger the vibration engine on the iPhone.
If you notice that the battery is draining faster with iOS 16 and you use the haptic feedback feature on the keyboard, you will see an improvement by turning it off.

Above are a few self-implemented tricks and tricks to help converse the battery life of the iPhone 13. A new operating system is best installed on a factory reset phone or a phone with a lot of free space and good working conditions. A new firmware takes a lot of time and energy to settle down. So it might consume more battery initially. If you have other tricks and tips to help us improve and fix the iPhone 13 battery drain, do let us know in the comments.

If nothing above helps to fix the anomalous behavior of your iPhone 13 and the battery is depleting unconventionally fast. You might need to contact Apple Support.

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