Recover Data from Broken S7 Edge

The curved display of Galaxy S7 edge looks beautiful. Samsung has also introduced number of improvement in the screen software. The edge panels are now wider, allowing them to display more apps. Samsung also introduced always-on feature on S7 edge screen this year. It shows battery status, time and date, even when the phone is in sleep mode. The best part of super AMOLED is that it does not uses battery while displaying black pixels. And it only use minute power to light up the pixels it needs for displaying time and date instead of lightening whole display screen.

After specifying how fantastic is the screen of Galaxy S7 Edge. Let’s move to what to do to recover data if you have broken your Galaxy S7 Edge. The display of Galaxy S7 is immensely strong. So you must have knocked it pretty hard to break it off. I have been in a situation like this. When screen of my phone broke up and I had to recover data. That’s how I discovered the following trick to recover data from broken Galaxy S7 Edge.

Recover Data from Broken Galaxy S7 Edge

So first things first. You should first try connecting your phone to your laptop. If you didn’t have any password on the lockscreen then you would be able to access the data present inside it like pictures and videos etc. If you have a fingerprint lock, I hope you came to this article before rebooting your phone. Because you will be only able to unlock the screen using fingerprint scanner if you have not rebooted your phone. If you are out of luck and your phone rebooted after it broke down and you have already tried KIES to access contents of your data but failed.

Now lets move on to the trick that will help you recover data. I will be using Find My Mobile Service to help you recover data from broken S7 Edge. This service is only for some latest Samsung smartphones. Using this service you will be able to remotely unlock your Galaxy S7 Edge. After you unlock. Connect your phone to your computer and copy the important stuff. Then you can send your phone for warranty claim or whatever you want to do with it.

TIP: It is best to always keep your smartphones synced with cloud networks and make their backups to be on the safe side if you ever lose your phone or it gets broken.

Lets move on to the guide. For this guide to work you should have Samsung account on your Galaxy S7 Edge before you broke it. Like even if you logged into it some day, while taking it out from the box and using it for the first time. That might save your data today.

  1. First of all, Log in to Find My Mobile using your Samsung Account Credentials. If you don’t remember your email or password. Use the Find email/password option present just under the Sign In button.Recover Data from Broken Galaxy S7 edge
  2. Once you have signed it. You will see number of actions you can perform of you Galaxy S7. Locate “Remotely Unlock my Phone or Unlock Screen Remotely“.
  3. Click on it your phone will get unlocked.
  4. Now connect your broken Galaxy S7 to your PC using data cable and transfer data to your PC using copy/paste or KIES. (Download and Install KIES on your Laptop using it you can recover any kind of data from your broken S7 edge).
  5. You can also use smart switch to backup all your data to your PC.

That’s it. I hope this guide worked out for you Guys. Don’t forget to leave feedback¬†in the comments. I feel really happy after helping out someone who get locked out of their data. I know that feel bro, thats why I really want you to succeed. Also if you have any query regarding how to recover data from broken Galaxy S7 edge. let me know in the comments.

  • Angel Silva

    Can you recover text messages as well?

    • Yes there is a way. If you manage to unlock your phone and connect it to your PC and backup it on Smartswitch. Then you can access text messages present in your phone. By restoring the backup on some working Galaxy S7 edge.

      • Angel Silva

        Can this all be done from a pc because I’m able to unlock the phone but ghats about it the LCD display is so damaged most apps I open will just black the screen out

        • Yes indeed. It is to be done using a PC..

          • Install smart switch on your laptop/pc.
          • Connect your Galaxy S7 using USB cable.
          • I am not sure, but I guess you will have to enable USB debugging on your phone.
          • After that. You will be able to backup all your data on your PC, and retrieve it on some other S7 Edge.

          Best of Luck.

  • thiago

    how do we enable usb debugging if the screen is broken? makes absolutely no sense.

  • nusaybah

    Hi, my samsung S7 edged LCD broke and the phone has a password for security since I sync the phone to office email. Can I still use this method to retrieve photo from my phone?

    • If your contacts are synced you can retrieve them by going into your email and selecting contacts.
      If your photos were synced with google photos or onedrive. You can go to its website and retrieve all your pictures, notes and videos from there.

      • nusaybah

        Unfortunately I did not synced with google photos. Any possible option to retrieve photo from phone memory which its LCD screen has broken and require specific password to unlock the phone.

  • Bailee

    Hi, I broke my screen on the Galaxy s7 and received a new device and will be sending the broken one back. However, I have thousands of photos on the broken s7 that were supposed to be backed-up but they never were. I do not have a password or fingerprint lock on the device, but a swipe lock. So I’m still unable to get into the broken s7… not sure why. The LED light is still active. I also have a macbook air, so I’m not sure if that will cause problems because of different softwares. I hope you can help me out!!!

  • stephen

    hello my s7 edge lcd is messed up but some how god willing i was able to turn on the device and unlock it withe fingertip unlock. so now even though I’m in the phone the whole screen is a glitch so i can’t access settings and all of that so i can transfer the data. I’m using the website but can’t seem to get the data out of my phone what should i do now

    • If you got your phone unlocked. Connect it with your computer using data cable and transfer the data to your Computer.