Root and Install TWRP on UMI

Before moving forward know that this guide is to install custom recovery on Android UMI smartphones based on MediaTek. Installing custom recovery like TWRP won’t erase any data from your phone so don’t worry about that. Use the guide below to root and install TWRP on UMI smartphone.

Following is the list of supported devices, you can install TWRP recovery and root the devices below using this guide:

  • UMI EMax
  • UMI Fair
  • UMI Hammer
  • UMI Hammer S
  • UMI Iron
  • UMI Zero
  • UMI Rome
  • UMI Iron Pro
  • Umi Rome
  • Umi Rome X
  • UMI Touch
  • Umi Super
  • Umi London.
  • UMI Max.
  • UMI Plus.
  • UMI Plus E.
  • UMI Z and Z pro.
  • UMI Touch X.
  • UMI Zero.

The guide below is only for the above listed phones, drop a message in the comments if your phone is not listed in the lost above. This following guide is to root and install TWRP custom recovery on any UMI smartphone.

Before moving forward, I have assumed that you know that rooting and installing custom recovery voids warranty of your phone, so proceed with caution. Trying to be smart and skipping any step that you are unable to perform might brick your phone. If you can’t perform any step properly, or youre getting an error. First resolve it then move forward.

Required Downloads:

Download TWRP Custom with respect to your phone from the link below:

Note: Use a full ROM package together with the scatter file inside its folder. Don’t use a such setup where not all partitions are loaded.


Before moving on to the guide to root and install TWRP on UMI. Following are some prerequisites:

  • First of all, Back up your phone using this guide. (Recommended, not mandatory)
  • You will need a PC to flash the custom recovery.
  • Download MT65x3_USB_VCOM_drivers And install them on your PC.
  • Download SP-Flash-Tool for Windows. After downloading, extract it on your computer.
  • Make sure that your phone charging is over 50%.
  • Download SuperSU from here for rooting your UMI device.
  • Download TWRP and rename it to Recovery.img. And place it on your desktop or somewhere you can easily access.

Root and Install TWRP on UMI Smartphone:

After you are done with downloading the above prerequisites. Proceed to the following steps:

  1. First of all. Extract the MT65x3_USB_VCOM_drivers file on your PC. Now run installdriver file to install the drivers on your PC. It is necessary so that your phone is recognised by your computer.
  2. Now Extract the SP-Flash-Tool on your computer and open the flash_tool file.
  3. I have assumed that you have already downloaded the ROM from the above link. Extract it in some folder from where you can easily locate it. We need ROM to get scatter file from it.
  4. Now open the FlashTool. Click on Scatter file and select the scatter file from the folder where you extracted the ROM.
  5. Root and Install TWRP on UMI SmartphoneCheck the Recovery and double click on its location field, locate and select the device specific custom recovery file that you downloaded earlier.
  6. Connect your phone to your PC and click on Download button.

You can boot into recovery by following the steps below:

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Press Power button and Volume Up button.

In some UMI smartphones, it gives you an option at bootloader mode and you can select recovery menu from there. Use volume buttons to navigate and power button to select.

Note: In some phones you HAVE TO boot your phone into recovery at the first power on after TWRP flashing. Otherwise the original stock recovery will be restored by the system. So that’s always better to start with booting into recovery after flashing.

How to Root UMI Smartphone using TWRP:

Following are the steps that will allow you to root your phone, once you have successfully flashed TWRP custom recovery on your UMI phone.

  1. I have assumed that you have already downloaded the SuperSU zip file.
  2. Move the SuperSu zip file into internal storage memory of your UMI smartphone.
  3. Turn off your phone.
  4. Boot into recovery menu, press Volume Up + Power Button simultaneously.
  5. Once you are in TWRP recovery, leave the buttons.
  6. Now tap on Install. and Navigate to find SuperSU zip file.
  7. Swipe on the screen to install the file, which will root your phone.
  8. Once you are done. You can install root checker app from Google Play Store to verify Root.

That’s all on how to root and install TWRP on UMI Smartphone. If you have any question let me know in the comments. You can help us improve this guide on how to root and install TWRP on UMI Smartphone by finding us the TWRP and ROM files of other UMI phones.

  • Franck

    I did everything, but still unable to flash the custom recovery… Drivers signature is disabled, MT65x3 drivers installed, and still when i launch the flash and plug my phone i got the “USB Device Not Recognized” notification, so SP flash tool doesn’t automatically launch
    Do you have some solutions?

    • There are few possible solutions to this problem. Mostly the problem is because of USB cable.

      1. Install drivers of UMI phones on your PC
      2. Try with some other cable to connect your phone, the cable might be damaged
      3. Change USB setting on phone to MTB
      • Franck

        Thanks for your fast reply, i don’t think the cable is the problem cause i have the phone since only a week.
        I was thinking the problem is my computer OS (windows X)

        • You should still try from someother cable. I have read in forums that this issue is because of cable.
          Yes it can also be windows problem. Try in windows 7.

  • Umiuser

    Excellent article….. Do we have to unlock the bootloader on the Umi Super before starting?

    • No you dont have to unlock bootloader. Just follow the above guide. That will be enough.

      • Umiuser

        Many thanks for your quick reply

  • David Keegan

    The bottom left of my umi super screen is smashed. 🙁
    I cannot swipe to flash. very annoying. Is there another way of using flash tool to root?

    At least then i can use flashify from then on….

    • I dont know if there is CWM for UMI. I presume you can still use volume buttons to navigate and power button to make selection in TWRP .

  • Omar

    What if I have the UMi Touch X?

  • polash

    How can I root umi touch x?? plz help me…

  • Astor

    Please also UMI MAX need custom recovery!

  • Ruud

    Hey Abdullah,

    I followed exact what you are saying and it works perfect.
    Good and clear instructions. I had to dowload a winzip/winrar program first to open the tool for in windows 10.

    Great, thanks for all.


  • gobo

    It is already TWRP for UMI PLUS?

  • Olivier

    Hi Abdullah,

    I’m using a Umi Rome X. All the process is OK until I start in recovery mode : I actually select “recovery” in the bootloader menu, but the phone starts in the normal mode : TWRP never lauches. What’s wrong? Thanks!

    • Nino

      The same with my Umi Rome X. Tried to flash different recovery images and back to original recovery, but allways ends in bootloader menu and normal booting. Don’t have any working recovery after first flashing. Same with flashing from apps (Flashify or Rashr). Does anybody know how to get working recovery?

  • Momo

    Is there a way to root the UMI PLUS yet??

    • I dont know. I will look into it.

      • Alan Ng

        Hi, any updates on UMI PLUS? thank you kindly

  • Tim

    Need to know about umi plus 2

  • Neil

    What about the Plus e ,could you use the same method as the earlier Plus model ?

  • ramses

    hi,what about umi diamond x?where can i find and download TWRP plz!




  • Robs87

    This method works on umi diamond?

  • Oliver

    Any news for the UMI Plus E?